It’s My Blogiversary

Woo! What an exciting day, I made my first blog post one year ago today, I joined wordpress a few days ago a year ago but I decided that I would make this post on the one year anniversary of my first blog post on here instead of when I joined.

I wasn’t sure what kind of post that I wanted to make, and I’m not sure that I know what I want to do yet either as I’m kind of winging it. I am really very excited and very proud of myself for being able to hold down a blog for a year in one place, it’s the first time that i’ve ever really done that, so that is really exciting for me.

I feel like I’ve learned so much in the past year because of being here in this one blog for a year straight. This past year I’ve learned that social media is very important, which I’ve always known, but with this blog I’ve really realized how important it really is because I’ve been using it a lot more than I regularly would. I also enjoy it more than I thought I would, especially instagram.

I’ve also loved reading other blogs this past year and the entire community here. Being part of the blogging community, even if I’m not that present when it comes to chatting, has been really great and I love it.

I’ve also been reminded that I love writing and blogging has been great, even if it is a little bit stressful at time due to giving myself a schedule and deadlines and sometimes not being on top of them, but overall I’ve really enjoyed and had fun with blogging a lot.

I’m sure there are a ton more things about blogging that I’ve learned and enjoyed over the past year but I don’t want to ramble on for too long, so I’m just going to wrap this up and say thank you for reading this and hanging out with me over the past year.


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