2016 · Lush · Review

Lush Boo Bath Melt Review

And now comes the time to say goodbye to Halloween products, I really didn’t pick up a lot of product from the Halloween range this year and I guess that’s really clear now seeing as this is my third and final product from it. This was also the last product that I used, I actually reviewed these as I used them, not that it matters at all really. Now, let’s get into talking about this adorable little ghost.


I just want to start this post off by saying how cute this little guy is, even if one of the eyes on mine are a little bit wonky, it’s still so cute and seeing a whole bunch of them together in the store was even cuter. It was like a little ghost gang, which is super cute and a lot less scary than you might think it is. But I think this bath product says Halloween more than any other, it just screams Halloween and I really love that about this little guy.

Now onto talking about the scent that this ghost has, Lush describes it as having a scent of ginger, floral and citrus. I personally don’t get that entirely, but I’m not entirely sure how to describe this one either because it is a really unique scent and it’s hard for me to figure out. This isn’t my favorite scent but I don’t dislike it, it’s just not a scent that’s right up my alley so this is probably the only Boo bath melt that I’m going to have. I can definitely detect the floral notes in this bath melt, but I don’t really pick up on the citrus in this at all and I think that the ginger is there, just not super strongly, so this is a really unique scent and  I would completely suggest going and sniffing this for yourself before stocking up on these cute little guys.
imageBefore I start talking about how this looks and feels in the water let me talk about this product a little bit more because from what I understand this product is really unique. This is not only a bath melt but it’s also a bubble bar, which upon feeling it made more sense because this isn’t as melty as all of the other bath melts that I’ve felt and tried, but it still doesn’t lack in either category, it’s really a very interesting product I think but I think all of the combo products that Lush sells are really interesting products.

Now, let’s get on to talking about this in the bath, as you can see to the right there is the little ghost getting pummeled with water and slowly going away, I kind of like that even though that seems a little bit morbid. Anyway, this feels amazing in the water, which I think is to be expected as it’s part bath melt and those are always amazing. This also leave behind some bubbles along with making the water feel amazingly soft and luxurious, the water feels so moisturizing and I bet this would be even more amazing to use in the winter when skin starts to dry out due to all of the cold weather.

imageThe feeling in the water also translates out of the water and on to the skin, I got out of the bath and my skin felt so moisturized and once I completely dried off my skin was so soft, I really love the way that bath melts make my skin feel. If you want really soft and moisturized skin then I would suggest picking up a bath melt from Lush.

Now onto the appearance in the bath, it’s really not exciting but I’m sure you could probably guess that from the fact that it’s a white little bath melt. However I do think what it does to the water is a little bit interesting but it’s honestly not too exciting at all. It created a little bit of bubbles but it ends up turning the water white, a really milky kind of white color which I think is actually kind of cool but it’s not very exciting at all because of the lack of colors. So this is not a jazzy bath melt at all, not that I think they usually are.

Also I realized these are called bath oils now but I’m not going to go back and change it, I’m too lazy for that because I’m pretty sure that I said bath melt too many times to want to change it. I enjoyed this bath oil, wouldn’t personally pick it up again due to not being a huge fan of the smell, but if you’re into the scent of this product then I think it’s a fantastic product to pick up.



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