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Lush Review: Bubbly Shower Gel

I’m very excited about this blog post because it is the first official Lush review  that is from the Christmas range this year, which I am very excited about. I love the holiday range at Lush, it easily the best one of the year and it’s also my favorite because this is the time of year that I got into lush two years ago, so this is my third Lush Christmas season and I am very excited about that, I love this time of the year. Now, let’s get into talking about this new shower gel.


I didn’t get to photograph this before we started using it, it completely slipped my mind so here is a photo of the shower gel after we’ve been using it for a couple of weeks.

This shower gel is the new shower gel for this year at Lush, of course they brought back Rose Jam and Snow Fairy but this year they rolled out this little guy, and I think that Bubbly is a fantastic addition to the Lush Christmas range. The scent of this may be familiar to you because this shares it’s scent with the celebrate scent, which I’m so sad that they didn’t bring back celebrate lotion this year, it seemed like such a fan favorite so I’m kind of surprised that they didn’t but hopefully they will next year.

So now that you know what scent family this belong to let me get into what that scent family smells like. This is a clear citrus scent but it smells just a little bit boozy, which I enjoy especially because its not really overwhelming or anything like that, it’s a very light booziness to it. This has lime oil, sweet orange oil and fresh grape juice in it so this is for sure a fruity scent. I think that this smells really orangey more than anything, which of course I am all about. I don’t think this is an in your face kind of scent but it’s not something that you can’t detect at all. That being said this also doesn’t linger on the skin for very long either.

The consistency of this shower gel is perfect, it’s the exact consistency I enjoy Lush shower gels to be, it’s not really thick but it’s not really thin either, it’s a really pretty standard shower gel kind of consistency. I like how this feels on the skin also, I swear Lush shower gels are always so moisturizing and that is something that I really love.

Overall I really like this shower gel, I think it smells really good, has a great consistency and feels good on my skin. I might actually enjoy this more than I do celebrate shower gel, even though they do smell the same and I love the look of celebrate shower gel, but overall I just like this one more because of the feel of this. I would for sure recommend picking this up if you like citrusy scents with just a hint of booziness to it.



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