2016 · Lush · Review

Lush Calacas Shower Jelly

I feel like I missed the proper time to talk about this product but it’s too late to worry about this so I guess now is just as good of a time as waiting for a more appropriate time of year to come around. So, with that said I will be reviewing Calacas shower jelly from Lush today, so let’s just jump on in.

IMG_7257 IMG_7258This scent is probably familiar if you have ever smelled anything in this scent family, which is pretty wide I believe. The only thing that I think that smells like this that has been in Lush recently that smells like this is the Monsters Ball bath bomb from the Halloween range. They share the same scent and I really love them both. So since I’ve been talking about the scent of this way too much now let me start by talking about what kind of scent this guy has. This shower jelly is citrusy but it’s also sweet and I think that it has a little bit of a punch to it, I think this smells a lot like calacas shower gel, of course, but I think the jelly has a little bit more punch to it. So this scent is really limey, it has a little bit of a boozy punch to it while also having a bit of sweetness to it. I think it’s a really well rounded and bold scent that reminds me of a candy that I just can’t put my finger on, so I’m a really big fan of this.

The feeling of shower jellies are really my favorite thing, they are so moisturizing and fun. I will say that is is a really strange product but I think a shower jell goes a long way and it feels amazing on the skin, which in turn leaves your skin feeling really soft and moisturized which I love, as we probably know by now.

I think the appearance of this one is fun but a little bit strange, I believe it’s supposed to be a skull but I really think that it looks kind of like a swamp monster, which I think fits really well into that Halloween type of theme but I think it doesn’t look like what it’s supposed to look like at all.

Overall I really like this product and would recommend it, especially if you like a bold limey scent with a hint of sweetness to it, the only reason I would say to avoid this is if you don’t like boozy scents because this does have a little bit of a boozyness to it. I really love it.




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