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November Weigh In

I think by now it’s probably pretty clear that I try and pre write a lot of my posts, I think that’s a really common thing to do, especially since I won’t be home and will be in Florida for eight days, so I don’t want to have to worry about getting a post up and right when I get back blogmas will be starting, so I’ve been trying to bulk up which is part of the reason why I’m writing this a week early, the other part being that I try and write my weigh ins when I’m in a better mindset. Anyway, let’s get into talking about this past month.

I’m going to start out with talking about my goals from the last month and how they went, which is pretty much what I like to start with. The first goal for last month was working out four times a week, which I’m pretty proud of myself for because I almost worked out the entire month four times a week. The reason why I didn’t hit it was because the treadmill I was using stopped working, and I know that’s a terrible excuse but I’m a morning runner and it has been cold so there was no way I was getting up early and running in 40 and 50 degree weather in the morning but I am back to the grind.

Eating better is my next goal, this is something that I struggle with and have really been trying to work on but I’m not sure how well I’m really doing. I’m trying to eat more vegetables and less sweets, I’m also trying to eat at home a little more and trying to try more foods so I’m not really sure if I’ve acquired this goal yet but I think this is something I’ll have to work on forever really.

The third goal I had last month is something that I’m probably going to deal with for the rest of my life, I hope that I get to a point where I just have one bad day every so often but I think there will always be off days where I don’t feel my best. I’ve actually not felt too bad about myself this past month, the only time I felt really bad was when trying on clothes in my closet and I’ve decided to put the things away that don’t fit do I don’t feel bad about myself.

I did not reach my goal of exercising my brain, I was close though, but didn’t quite get there in the past month. I finished two books and am over half way through my third one but I didn’t quite get there. I’m still pretty proud though.

Now to talk about weight, I’m not upset with myself but I’m not exactly excited about it either. I haven’t gained nor have I lost any weight, I’m at the exact same weight as last year which is bittersweet. I’m just really glad to not have gained weight, but I thinking starting to work out and continuing working out while on vacation will help me out a lot.

Alright, now that I’ve rambled on for a while now I’m going to talk about my goals for the next month. I am once again going to try and work out four days a week for the next month, I really want to achieve this goal even though I know that I probably won’t because two of my days that I usually work out on are days I will be travelling. Then again I can just move my days around, we’ll see how that goes.

The next one I’m going to roll over is eating better, which is something that I really need to focus on especially because it is the holiday season which means lots of carbs and sugar, so I need to make sure to watch myself.

I’d like to try and read three books the next month because I gave myself a goal of 26 books to read this year, which is one every two weeks, and I am so close to reaching that goal so I really want to get to this goal this year.

I think that’s really all I’m going to say are my goals for next month because I think I’ve been doing pretty good with not making my self feel bad a feeling kind of confident, even if I’m not where I want to be appearance wise.  So I’m not going to add that in there and I can’t think of anything else to add. So here’s to a good month of working out.



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