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Lush Iced Wine Shower Jelly

If I’m being completely honest this is not the post that I had planned to go up today but it is the post that is going up today because I can’t make the original post that I was going to make. I had my November Sephora Play box scheduled for today but I did not get it before I left for Florida so I cannot talk about it, I will be blogging about it sometime when I get back, I’m probably going to double post on one of those first days of December, which is when I get back. But instead we’re going to talk about a Lush product, so let’s get into reviewing Iced Wine Shower Jelly.

IMG_7246IMG_7244To the left of this text is a photo of the shower jelly outside of it’s packaging and I really love it, it’s so bright and vibrant and that’s something that I’m really into. I think it’s just so pretty to look at. Other than the color it’s just a standard shower jell shape.

Now let’s talk about the fun part of most Lush products, the scent. I really love the scent of this product, it’s seriously one of my favorite scents from Lush. Probably in my top ten favorite scents. This one is for sure a unique scent, it’s very fruity, but I can’t completely put my hand on what kind of fruity this is. I get a kind of grape smell from it and it also has a touch of watermelon, I also think this shower jelly has a little bit of a boozy type of a scent to me, which I like but I know some people don’t so that’s something for sure I would think about before ordering this product, if you see it pop up in the kitchen of course.

As for the feel of this product on the skin, it feels really good actually, which is probably no surprise to hear that coming from me, but I do really like the feel of this on the skin. The formula of shower jellies from Lush are just so moisturizing and I really love that. This is a fantastic product and I would suggest giving it a try if you ever get the chance to because Ice Wine is great and I really love it.



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