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Holiday 2016 Gift Ideas: Ladies

I did my first gift guide last year and I thought it was a lot of fun to write and post so I’ve decided to do it again this year, plus it ties in really well to the Blogmas theme. So today’s Blogmas post will be my gift guide, just like last year I’m probably just going to do this one based on my taste in things but it will be a mix of things, so hopefully this is enjoyable and gives some good ideas for gifts, so let’s get into it.

06767_bI think it’s to be expected that I would share some Lush gift sets because I love Lush and I think the make a lot of really cool giftsets. So the first giftset in this post is the Jolly Hollydays. I think that this one has a nice mix of products, it has three bath bombs, a soap and a shower gel all of which lean towards the citrus types of scents, so this is right up my alley. This also contains the Satsuma bath bomb which is exclusive to giftsets here in the U.S., so you can give someone something that they can’t just get anywhere. I think this is a really fantastic and bright giftset.

s1647213-main-lheroI think Sephora Favorites are a fantastic gift option for any makeup lover in your life, they have a ton of options and various different price ranges, and in them you get a bunch of various deluxe sized product from a bunch of different brands, occasionally they throw in a full size product. I think that the Glitz & Glam one is really nice one for the holidays, I also think this looks like the perfect little kit for a New Years Eve party, which is probably the goal of this little giftset.

50974701.jpegI think candles make a really good gift and if I’m being completely honest I really love the ones that Target gets, which I just learned are the brand Signature Soy. I’ve settled on the Merry & Bright scent because I’m a fan of it, it smells kind of fruity but it still has a Christmas type of scent to it which I like. I also think this is festive without really being to exclusive to Christmas. I’d also recommend the scents Red Velvet Cupcake, it is the best red velvet scent that I’ve ever smelt, it even smells a little bit of cream cheese. And Sweet Spun Sugar which is cotton candy scented and I really love that. Just to name a couple others.


Time for another Lush gift set and I think that this one is really cute and is apparently also a ring toss game. Lush gift sets are seriously just the cutest. This is the Reindeer Games, which also has a mix of products in it. This one features two bath bombs, two bubble bars, two funs and a shower jelly. There doesn’t really seem to be much of a scent theme to me but that’s alright by me, I’ve smelled all of these products and I think they all smell really nice but I cannot find a really theme throughout it. That’s not a problem though, I think that’s kind of a nice thing because it has a variety in this giftset.

s1820406-main-heroTime for some more makeup, a palette that I’m sure you’ve heard of if you’re into makeup because everyone has been talking about this since it came out, I finally picked one up for myself and I understand the hype completely now. This palette is the Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, I didn’t think this was going to be as amazing as everyone says it but it really is, it’s very pigmented and soft and not a single one of them is bad in any way, so I’m a big fan of this and think that anyone who loves eyeshadow and warmer tones would love this.


This next one might be a little bit weird but it’s something that I really love and think would be a fantastic gift because it’s cute and really comfy. That’s this really soft hoodie from Target, yes it is from the sleepwear department, but I think it looks really cute with a pair of jeans, boots and a cute green army type jacket. I also love this because it is so soft and comfortable, so I think that makes this perfect.

pbbw1-24722559v275Another candle because I feel like candles are always a good gift plus you can’t really have a gift guide without a Bath & Bodyworks product, now can you? I love their candles, especially around the holiday season because they come out with so many candles, there’s just an insane amount of variety so you could easily get them for anyone on your list because they have something for everyone. This one featured in this post is Twisted Peppermint, which I think is very Christmasy seeing as it smells like peppermint and I associate peppermint with the holiday season. I would also suggest the scents Peppermint Marshmallow, which is  a little sweeter and softer, Tis The Season which I think smells like Christmas in a jar, Merry Cookie for those sweet vanilla lovers or Fresh Balsam for those who love pine and a more outdoorsy smell. Just to name a few, but there are a ton more great scents out right now.


I wanted to throw in at least one pair of shoes in this post and I settled on these, I think these are a fabulous pair of shoes that look really festive, their a bit on trend because of the velvet and they look very comfortable and practical, everything that I look for in a pair of shoes. These are a pair of red velvet shoes that I found on Modcloth, I think they are very reasonably priced and just really cute. I think Modcloth has a ton of really cute shoes if these aren’t your cup of tea or you don’t think someone you’re shopping for would like these, but I do think these are fun.

06875_bThis is the last Lush gifset that I will be including in this post, I wanted to include something that looked fun and was a little bit cheaper so I settled on the Northern Lights giftset, which has my favorite bath bomb in it, Northern Lights. This one is completely bath oriented so it’s a giftset for your bath lover friend, but it won’t disappoint because all of these bombs smell wonderful and are pretty neat to watch in the bath.


And now it is time for the final gift suggestion in this post, the last thing is a makeup item from the brand Lime Crime, it’s the Pink Velve-Tin, which I think is the most wearable and universally liked, but they have four other options if this one isn’t your speed. I really like the Lime Crime Velvetines and I think this packaging is really quite cute, the tin and the fact that they are mini, plus they mix both regular mattes with metallic mattes.

And those are my suggestions for gifts for the ladies in your life, I tried to hit a few different things and not just focus entirely on makeup like I kind of wanted to.



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