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Lush Northern Lights Bath bomb Review

I already have a review of Northern Lights but since they decided to bring it back this year and gave it a new look I figured that I should do a review of it in it’s new state, just because. This is also one of my favorite scents of bath bombs so I couldn’t just not give it some love. I’m so excited that they brought it back. So let’s get into talking about the new look of Northern Lights!



Northern Lights might be a bath bomb you are familiar with, maybe because it’s been around before or because I’ve reviewed it before, but either way here I am reviewing it again because it got a new look this year for the Holiday season. Northern lights is a product that I wish they stocked all year round, granted it might be less special if they did, but sometimes it’s nice to have something special.

I don’t think that this new design is that different from the original design, the first one was longer and thinner and prone to breaking in half, these do seem to be a lot more sturdy as I ordered four from the UK and not a single one broke in half. I will say that the ends broke a little bit on the ends, nothing major but they did crumble a little bit there.

I think the idea to change this was a great idea but I don’t think it’s perfect, then again it is a lot better than it used to be because it doesn’t break in half as much.

wp-1481143909832.jpgThe idea behind this is pretty much the same as the first Northern Lights, meaning it is purple on the outside and one end is blue and the other is yellow, so when you put it in the bath it swirls around in a variety of the three colors, I think it’s supposed to cop the idea of the Northern Lights, of course. I think it’s really pretty in the bath, even if I didn’t quite capture that in the picture to the right of this text, but it’s really fun to watch dissolve in the bath. This bath bomb is also a little bit of a slow fizzer, which I don’t mind and probably actually prefer because I think they are less fun if they fizz away within a minute.

I wanna talk about the color that this leaves the water, the colors of the bomb itself are the same but the color that it turns the water isn’t the same, not at all. The next photo will be a photo of the water after the whole bath bomb dissolved. The color of the water used to be purple but now it ends up being this murk gray kind of color that looks a little bit blue green, it’s a very weird color and I’m honestly not a big fan of it and miss the old color as it was much prettier.

wp-1481143912786.jpgNow onto the scent of this bath bomb, which hasn’t changed at all, it smells exactly the same as all of the other ones that I’ve had, so I’m happy about that because the scent of this is what really makes it so amazing to me.

I’m not one for floral scents typically but this is the best floral scent that I’ve ever smelled, it smells very fresh and true to the scent of jasmine. I like that this bath bomb doesn’t smell really perfumey, which is a huge plus for me. If you ask me I think that this just smells like straight up jasmine, which one again is a plus for me because I love the smell of fresh jasmine and that is what this scent really reminds me of. I also think that this is a great bath bomb to use right before bed to relax you and get you ready for bed.

Now onto the feel of this, I think this bath bomb is very soft and moisturizing, nothing outlandish but a little bit more than the average bath bomb, which is another added little bonus to this bath bomb.

So overall I really love this bath bomb, it’s probably my favorite and if not my favorite it is easily in my top three favorites, even with the weird color change in the bath bomb. The smell is amazing, the show is great and the feeling in the water is wonderful, plus the scent last on my skin longer than any other bath bomb that I’ve ever used. I just love this bath bomb and would one hundred percent recommend this bath bomb, so give it a sniff the next time you’re in a Lush.




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