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Holiday 2016 Gift Ideas: Stocking Stuffers

It’s time for another gift guide! This time around I’m going to do some stocking stuffers this time around, so just some little gifts that you can easily stuff inside of stockings. Once again this one is probably going to lean a little more feminine and more to my taste, but I am trying to incorporate a little mix of things in to the list. So let’s look at some cool stocking stuffers.


Of course there had to be some Lush on this list too, I kept it down to only two items though. First up is the Golden Wonder bath bomb, I think bath bombs are fantastic stocking stuffers since they have so many of them and they have scents for anyone on your list, but I decided to pick out Golden Wonder because of how fantastic it is. This smells like oranges, it looks like a present and it has a really fun show in the bath so I think that it’s a really fantastic choice. Though I do think that you can’t really go wrong with a bath bomb or bubble bar from Lush.

51pzawchkwl-_sx522_I love nail polish and I’ve always loved getting it in my stocking, so of course I had to include some in this list and I settled on a Julep nail polish duo. They have quite a few so if light blues aren’t your cup of tea there are a bunch more options, but I really liked this due for this time of the year. This one is particularly festive but I do think that this works well for the winter, it reminds me of an ice queen and I really like that.

s1848472-main-lheroI have never tried the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks but I have heard wonderful things about them and the liner is fantastic, so I think that this little set from Sephora is a fantastic little stocking stuffer. I also think that the liquid lipstick would be a really flattering on most people, which is probably the point of the little set.

926-alt-1I think that this little set is also a really nice little stocking stuffer, there really isn’t much of a variety to this set but it does give the chance to try out a few different Tarte mascaras, which I think is a really cool thing.

51hikyuzkil-_sy498_bo1204203200_I think that these are really sweet little gifts to stuff in stockings, this one is the What I  Love About. They have a bunch of these I do believe and I think that they are really sweet and customizable, and for someone like me who isn’t the most creative all the time I think this makes it really easy to me. And they make these for all types of people.

03905And the last thing on this list is my other Lush product and that is the Santa Baby Lip Scrub. They have another seasonal one and four regular line ones out right now I believe, but the Santa Baby one is my favorite and that is the one that I would recommend.

And of course there are some standard things, such as candy, that are great stocking stuffers but I don’t think most people need suggestions for that. Although I do like to sometimes throw in candies from different countries because I think that’s a fun thing. I also think movies and giftcards are great stocking stuffers but those are entirely based on the person you’re shopping for.



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