Winter Pamper Night 2016

I think that this is something that we all need to do sometimes, have an evening the relax and pamper ourselves, especially at this time of the year where things are usually so stressful and hectic, it’s really nice to slow down and do something nice for yourself. So I’ve decided to take you guys along with a pamper evening of my very own and hopefully give you guys some ideas as to how to enjoy a nice pamper evening yourself.

The first step for the evening is to remove all of my makeup, I like these makeup remover wipes from Walgreens.
Next I just really wanted to make sure all of my makeup was off and my skin is clean, this is a new product to me and I’ve been trying it out, so far I really like it.


I think this is just a nice step and a mask is always a nice treat for your skin, today I used one of the l’oreal clay masks, I really like this so far but I’ve only used it like three times.
I’ve really grown to love baths and for a pampering night I think a bath is a must. A review for this product will be coming this weekend.
Comfy clothes are a must have for a lazy, pamering evening I think.
My fiancee is amazing and made us dinner this particular night, so I think that fits into this post really well. Along with dinner I poured myself a glass of wine but forgot to photograph.
I took some time to take care of my nails, even though they don’t look great here.
And to finish the night I made cookies, these are some of my favorite cookies this time of year.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed seeing what I do on a really lazy, pampering kind of evening. I would love to hear about what you guys do to pamper yourselves this time of year.




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