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December 2016 Weigh In

It’s the time of the month that I talk about my working out journey, I started recording the journey in June and I think this is going to be the last month that I do these. These just aren’t something that I want to do anymore, I don’t have fun writing these particularly and I feel like they are very repetitive. I will not stop trying to get into better shape but I’m just not going to share it here, at least not in an entire post dedicated to it. So, let’s get into my very last weigh in.

As usual I’m going to start by talking about how I did with last months goals, which is not good at all, but I’m going to do it. Working out for four days a week did not work for this month, I blame it on vacation, but at the same time I just haven’t gotten back into the groove since getting back either. So this has been a failure.

Eating better, this one is tricky this month, while I was home in Florida this was for sure not a thing that I practiced at all because I ate a lot of food that I can’t have at any time any more, but upon getting home I started eating like I regularly do and started to try and eat better, so I guess I’m still on track with this one?

Three books is the next one and I didn’t complete this one either, I read two books and I will be finishing a third before the year is over, so I will reach my goal of 26 books in a year. Not sure how many I want to try for next year, I for sure wanna get through at least 26 but I’m not sure if I’m going to try and challenge myself even more.

Those were my goal for last month so that means it’s now time to talk about my weight, I don’t really want to share the exact number, but I have gained weight this month. I have mixed feelings about this because I am trying to lose weight and this sucks but at the same time it’s not that big of a deal, I’m healthy and I can be okay with this, so I’m kind of mixed on this one.

Even though this is going to be the last month I do this I’m going write out goals, but I think I’m going to do them for the next year, kind of.

I think they will be pretty standard but let’s start out with working out five times a week, I think I want to get to a point where I’m working out and running five days a week, at least four days a week but at most five. It seems like a good number to lose some weight and to keep in shape.

I want to work on eating better, I want to work more vegetables and fruit into my diet and a little bit less red meat, not that I eat a whole lot of it in the first place. I would really love to get to the point of where we eat a meatless meal a week but that might take a little bit of effort.

I want to work on my confidence still, this will probably be an endless journey when you think about it, but that’s alright because I’m sure I can achieve this to some degree. And I know that no one is really perfect and everyone has days when they don’t feel as good.

I really want to lose 20 pounds next year, that seems like a lot but at the same time it really doesn’t, if I stick to working out and to eating better this should be pretty easy to obtain in the next year.

Maybe I’ll come back next year and check in to see what I’ve accomplished from this list or maybe I’ll bring this entire series back, I’m not sure but what I am sure of is that I don’t want to do this anymore for the foreseeable future, but once again I may change my mind.



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