2016 · Wishlist

Things I’m Wishing For

I’ve decided to share my own wishlist with guys, things that I’m hoping to find under the tree or to pick up in the next few months. This could also give some ideas for gifts I think, so let’s talk about some things that I’m eyeing.


I don’t need any more makeup but I really have my eye on the Lorac Unzipped. I love these rosey tones and they look amazing, even though I probably really don’t need anymore makeup.


This is just a little set from Kat Von D but I really have my eyes on this one, I’ve been battling liquid lipsticks and no that I love the liner so I think this is a great little gift.


This is so expensive for a lip treatment but I’ve had samples before and it’s just so good, I just want to regular Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment


I’m such a hoarder and that applies to lotions and shower gels, so I’m sad that I seemed to have missed this in store but they have this cute little set on amazon.


This cute little nail polish is from Nova Polish, I already have the sailor moon one and it’s great so I’m itching to get my hands on this one. I’m also hoping that they make a venus one sometime because she’s my favorite. But this one looks so cute and I might need it.


Another Etsy item that I’m itching to get my hands on, this one is from therockstargoddess on etsy, I love the look of this necklace.


I think these Julep polishes look like an ice queens dream nails and I kind of love it, but I’ve never tried Julep polish before so i’m not sure how good these will be.


I think this book looks interesting so this would be pretty cool to read.


This dress from Old Navy looks right up my alley. It’s striped, it’s from Old Navy, it’s navy and it’s just everything I like in a dress pretty much.

And those are all of the things that I’m lusting after. Feel free to share with me what you guys are really lusting after this holiday season.



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