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Battle Of The Liquid Lipsticks: Round#1 Battle #8

It’s the time of the week again, time for another liquid lipstick battle, there will be one more in this round and then we will be moving onto the second round, I’m so excited because that means we are closer to finding out what liquid lipstick is the best. Well, out of the ones I’ve collected thus far. For this weeks battle we will be battling a couple of drugstore picks, the first being the Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color in High Pitched Wine and the Nyx Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken. So, let’s get into and see which one of these comes out on top.


I’m going to start this battle out with the Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color in High Pitched Wine. And in case you’re new here I’m going to go from left to right and talk about the time of the check ins, starting with the far left at 10:22 A.M., the middle is at 2:30 P.M. and the right at 6:45 P.M., that is a total of 8 hours and 23 minutes.

Application: Thin and a little bit on the sticky side.

Texture: Sticky, this is pretty sticky.

Pigmentation: Fantastic, this was actually really pigmented.

Time It Took To Fully Dry: It doesn’t really fully dry down but it mostly does, still not completely.

Smell: It smells like glue, I’m not really a fan of it.

Kissproof: No, it doesn’t transfer a ton but it does transfer.

Final Score: 1/5

Comments: I was really let down by this one, I swatched it on my hand and it dried down completely and was the hardest one to get off of my hand, but on the lips it just doesn’t do the same thing so it was a huge disappointment. Especially since the color is gorgeous.

I don’t really know how I feel about the packaging on this one, I like that it looks different than a lot of other liquid lipstick packaging and but at the same time it’s kind of ugly, so I have mixed opinions on that. The wand is really thin and spongey, which I kind of like because it makes the application process really easy which is always a plus.

Up next is the NYX Liquid Suede in the shade Soft Spoken, and we will be doing this the same way I do all others, starting from left to right. The left photo was when it was applied at 7:50 A.M., the middle was taken at 12:30 P.M. and the right one was at 4:15 P.M., that is a total of eight hours and 25 minutes of wear and I think it held up pretty well.

Application: It glides on really smoothly.

Texture: It’s very thin and kind of watery, but I don’t mind that.

Pigmentation: Is actually really good.

Time It Took To Fully Dry Down: Probably about 10 minutes.

Smell: It doesn’t really smell like much.

Kissproof: Yes.

Final Score: 4 out of 5.

Comments: This one does dry down for the most part but at the same time it is a tiny bit sticky, which I don’t mind but do beware if you don’t want any sticky at all.

The packaging on this one is just kind of whatever to me, its not exciting but I also don’t hate it, it really truly falls in the middle of the road in my opinion. This has the same applicator as the wet n wild one above in this post, so it’s thin and spongey and really easy to apply this lipstick with, so I’m a fan of this type.

So, now that I’ve talked about both of these its time to pick a winner and this week I think the winner is very clear, and just incase it isn’t I will tell you that it is the NYX Liquid Suede. I just really didn’t like the Wet ‘N Wild one, I thought it was going to crush it because of a hand swatch I tried but on my lips it just didn’t live up to the swatch, so I have to give this to the nyx one which is really great. I do believe they are discontinuing the Wet N Wild one so I would for sure pass on this either way, this has been one of the few throughout these tests that I just really do not like and would suggest avoiding. I think next week is my last battle before I move onto the next round, but we will see, I may decide to add one more before it’s over. Tell me what you guys would prefer, 9 battles or 10?



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