2017 · liquid lipstick battle

Liquid Lipstick Battle: Round #2 Battle #5


It’s that time of the week, it’s time for another liquid lipstick battle to go up, and this week it’s the final battle in this round before we move onto the next round of battle, we are getting closer and closer to seeing who comes out on top. This week we have one of the toughest battles with in this round of the challenge, that is the Wet ‘N Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick in Rebel Rose and the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lipstick in Creme Brulee. Let’s jump on in and see which one of these two come out on top.

I’m going to start this week’s battle out with the Wet ‘N Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick in Rebel Rose and we’ll do this as we usually would, starting from the left side and moving to the right side. The left photo was applied at 7:35: A.M., the middle at 11:49 A.M. and the right side was at 3:41 P.M. for a total of 8 hours and 6 minutes of wear time.

Appearance On Lips: I think this looks pretty good on the lips until about 6 hours in, it starts to wear and settle a fair amount as you can probably see in the photos above.

Texture: This has a strange texture, it’s both mousse like and a bit on the liquid side, I really like it and think that it’s a very comfortable texture on the lips because of both of those things.

Pigmentation: Not the best but it’s very buildable and something that

Time It Took To Fully Dry: Less than three minutes, easy.

Smell: I didn’t notice much of a smell with this one.

Kissproof: Yes, completely.

Comfort: This is amazingly comfortable, the texture of it makes it that way, it feels like a second skin on the lips to me.

Price: $4.99

Price Per Oz: $23.76

Final Score: 4 out of 5

Notes: I don’t really have a lot of notes for this one other than the fact that this did not hold up on the lips as well as I would have liked, but it did wear off evenly which I really like.

Let’s talk about the packaging of this one now, I have mixed feelings about this one, I like how nice it feels and the fact that it’s really short and round, it looks very clean lined. The problems I have with this packaging is the font and the outline on it, mostly the catsuit outline, I just think it looks really cheesy and kind of tacky but not enough for me to not use them. The applicator on this one is awesome, it’s almost a standard doe foot applicator but it has a bit of a dip in it, which you may be able to see, and it just hugs the lips when you apply it which makes for such a smooth application. The stopper works great on this, it wipes off just enough product to make for a great application on the first try. Overall, I just really like the packaging of this product.

Next up we have the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte in the shade Creme Brulee. And of course we will be going from left to right, starting with the left photo that was applied at 8:41 A.M., the middle was at 12:39 P.M. and the right was at 4:48 P.M. for a total of 8 hours and 7 minutes of wear time.

Appearance On Lips: I think this did rather well on the lips, it did settle a little bit into the lines on my lips but I have yet to find a liquid lipstick that doesn’t settle somewhat.

Texture: This texture is pretty middle of the road really, it’s not really liquidy but it’s not particularly thick either, it’s just a normal liquid lipstick consistency.

Pigmentation: This is actually quite pigmented, which is nice as long as you like a bold color pay off.

Time It Took To Fully Dry: This one was also a very quick dry, it took three minutes tops to do.

Smell: It does have a smell, I quite like the smell of it because it smells like buttercream frosting, but it is strong so if you are sensitive to smell then beware of that.

Kissproof: Yes.

Comfort: This is pretty comfortable but it does end up feeling a bit drying, in my experience that’s pretty standard when it comes to liquid lipsticks.

Price: $4.99

Price Per Oz: $45.36

Final Score: 4 out of 5

Notes: I did end up eating Chipotle with this one, but I ate a burrito bowl which might explain why this wore off only in the middle of the lips. Either way, I hated that this did not wear evenly and left me with a ring around my lips pretty much.

Alright, now that we’ve gone over the two liquid lipsticks in the battle, it is time to pick a winner and may I say this has been one of the toughest battles that I’ve had to judge yet, both of these liquid lipsticks are both fantastic and choosing between them is really just splitting hairs, but I have to pick a winner. The winner of this battle and the liquid lipstick moving on to the next round is the Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit. I chose this one because I like it a little bit better, I feel like it is way more comfortable than the Jordana and I also like that it wears off a lot more evenly, these are really the only two reasons why I think this liquid lipstick is just a hair better than the Jordana one. I will say this if you picked up either one of these liquid lipsticks the next time you go to the drugstore you are picking up a fantastic lipstick to add to any collection, these both are wonderful products I just believe that the Wet N Wild one is a little bit better.

And that concludes this round of battle, tune in next week for a new round and a surprise, we’ll also be one step closer to finding out what liquid lipstick is the best.



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