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Battle: Elf vs Urban Decay Setting Sprays



It is time for another dupe battle, I’m really trying to do at least one of these a month and this month I will be focusing on setting sprays. I hear that these two are supposed to be dupes for each other so today I am going to put them to the test and see if they are. Stepping into the right this week is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and the E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set. Let’s jump right on into talking about these two products and find out if they are dupes.

I want to start out by talking about the mist of these two, I have the mini of the Urban Decay but I think the sprayer is the same on the mini as it is in the full size. I want to start by saying that these two are not dupes in terms of the sprayer, I don’t personally mind either one but I do not thin they operate the same. The Urban Decay one sprays a much finer more even mist, whereas the elf is a little but less precise with the application, it’s not squirting out a ton of product but it for sure isn’t as fine as the Urban Decay. So, in terms of the mist, I would for sure vote for the Urban Decay over the Elf.

Now, let’s go on to the smell of these products. I don’t really notice much of a smell with either one of these products, they probably both have a really light makeup kind of scent but it’s not something that I really pick up. I don’t think anyone would really be bothered by the scents of either one unless you are extremely sensitive to smells. It also dissipates fairly quickly.

Let’s talk about the finish of these on the skin for these two. If I am being completely honest I didn’t notice any difference in the finish on the skin using either of these, they looked exactly the same. They don’t have a particularly matte finish on the skin nor did they really give me a dewy finish, they just were pretty much. I think they were even in terms of finish.

And the last thing that I want to talk about is the lasting power of these two, I tested them both out and I think they both lasted very well. They kept my makeup in place for hours and I really think they both prolonged the wear of all of my makeup.

So, I really think that these two products are dupes and I would for sure pick up the elf one again, seeing as it is $3 and has 2 ounces of product whereas the urban decay one is $31 and has 4 ounces of product. Seeing as these two perform nearly exactly the same, it just makes sense. I think that wraps up this months dupe battle, so tune in next month for another one, it’s gonna be a fun one too!



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