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Healthy Update: March 2017.


If you’ve been around a while then you probably remember that I did monthly workout goals and updates for a little while, then felt that it was really repetitive and not particularly interesting so I dropped writing those posts monthly. Well, I’ve gotten into a more healthy mindset as of recently and have decided to bring this series back, but instead of doing it monthly like I did before I’ve decided to do it quarterly. I figured doing it once every three months, or when the seasons change, would be fun and accomplish what I want it to do without bombarding you guys with the same information, plus it isn’t that fun to just keep spitting out the exact same information, as one would probably assume.

I don’t know why I got into this kick, maybe it was a new year or maybe it was just time to get by butt in gear, but on February 1st I committed to a new workout regimen.  I said I was going to work out four days a week, every week and that was what I did. Then a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do 100 days of working out with her,  it sounded like I could do light exercise some days so I said why not? Well, turns out one of her rules is sending each other a sweaty photo, which for sure meant that I couldn’t do simple light workouts. As of Sunday I was at day 17 and then Monday I got sick and was still sick on Tuesday, so I’ve been off the wagon 3 days now. I’m not sure if I plan to continue with the challenge but I do plan to continue working out four times a week once I feel back to normal. Working out every day is really hard and probably stupid, but I think that four times a week is a pretty good schedule for me. I’m really proud of myself for sticking to working out for the past month and a half, it’s not very much time but I’ve stuck with it and I’m proud of myself.

The thing that I might be struggling with a little bit is eating better, not say that I think I’m eating completely terribly but I could be doing better. So, that is something that I still need to work on and I think I’m am, but now that I’m working more I’m finding it a little bit harder to eat better, especially at lunch time when I often forget to make lunch or instead of going back to my apartment and making lunch I end up picking something up with everyone else, this is something that I for sure need to work on.

I don’t think I will be doing weight updates or measurement updates, I might tell you guys if I lost weight but I’m trying not to focus on the numbers as much and I’m just not sure that I want those numbers to be out there on the internet. I will personally be keeping track once a month, just because I think it’s something nice to have without being overwhelming or obsessive.

I think that’s really everything that I have to talk about in this post, I’ll be back with another one in three months to talk about how healthy life is going for me and post some updates, so I guess I’ll be talking to you guys about this again in the summer, but I’ll see you guys with a new post on Friday.


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