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Liquid Lipstick Battle: Round #3 Battle #2


It’s Friday! Which is always an exciting day in my book, it means the weekend can begin and that is always exciting for me, even if I do live a very boring life. Friday also means it is time for another liquid lipstick battle, which if you ask me is also exciting! There are two more Friday’s left in this month and only two more liquid lipstick battles, which I think lined up really well and I am very excited about, I am a bit sad to see this little series go but at the same time excited to see which liquid lipstick comes out on top. Anyway, the two liquid lipsticks stepping into the arena of battle this week are the Wet ‘N Wild Liquid Catsuit in Rebel Rose and the Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B. So let’s get into the battle!


First up is the Wet ‘N Wild Liquid Catsuit in Rebel Rose. Starting from the far left picture to the right is how we go, the left photo was taken at 8:10 A.M., the middle was at 1:15 P.M. and the far right was at 6:17 P.M. for a total of 10 hours and 7 minutes of wear time.

Appearance On Lips: I like the look of this on the lips, it does settle in a tiny bit after a little bit of wear time but I still think it looks nice.

Texture: I enjoy the texture of this one, it’s not watery but it’s not ultra mousse like either, it’s kind of a strange hybrid of the two.

Pigmentation: This has fairly good pigmentation, it’s not the best but it’s very buildable.

Time It Took To Fully Dry: About three minutes, this one is fairly quick.

Smell: I don’t really pick up any smell in this one.

Kissproof: Yes it is.

Comfort: I find the formula of this was to be really fairly comfortable, as always it is a little bit drying on the lips but overall I think that it’s quite comfortable.

Price: $4.99

Price Per Oz: $20.79

Final Score: 4 out of 5

Notes: I think this one did pretty well, I don’t think the lasting power was quite as good as some of the others that I’ve seen so far but this ten hours is really pushing the liquid lipsticks, especially since I’m not doing any touch ups at all.

I like the packaging for the most part on this one, I like how sleek and clean it looks, I also like how it feels in the hand but the logo just doesn’t do it for me and I kind of hate it. I can look past it but it’s just really not appealing to me. The wand on this one is fantastic, it’s spongey and looks like a doe foot but it hugs your lips in just the right to makes for a very smooth and easy application. The stopper on this does a fairly good job, it wipes off enough product, if I had any complaints about it, it would be that it wipes off a little bit too much but that’s nothing that I can’t work with.

As you might be able to guess, next up is the Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B.  We’re going from left to right, as usual, the left was taken at 7:51 A.M., the middle was at 12:55 P.M. and the last one on the right was at 5:58 P.M. for a total wear time of 10 hours and 7 minutes, which was strangely timed but I think works out in the end.

Appearance On Lips: This looks pretty good on the lips, it does settle into the lines on my lips and does so a bit more than the Wet ‘N Wild one, but it’s nothing crazy either.

Texture: The texture of this one is more mousse like, it’s really quite a nice consistency.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation on this one is rather spectacular, it’s very pigmented and I quite enjoy that.

Time It Took To Fully Dry: Somewhere between 3 and 4 minutes, it was pretty quick.

Smell: This one smells like buttercream frosting, just straight up buttercream and I really enjoy that aspect of it. If you are sensitive to smells then I would for sure avoid this one, though, it is fairly strong even if it is a softer kind of scent.

Kissproof: Yes.

Comfort: I think this is pretty comfortable, it’s a little bit more drying than it’s competitor but nothing outlandish.

Price: $21.00

Price Per Oz: $91.30

Final Score: 4 out of 5

Notes: I really enjoyed this one, I think the wear was a tad bit uncomfortable but I think that the wear time with this one is so much more substantial.

I have the mini size of the liquid lipstick which I like the look of a fair amount actually, it’s very simple and straightforward but I like the touch of gold and mix of fonts on the packaging. However, the full size is something that I’m not really into because it has so a strange shape to it, it’s very bottom heavy and I just don’t like it, I would still pick another one of these up but I just would prefer a different tube. The wand on this one is really standard, it’s nothing exciting but it’s not a bad wand either, it’s just a run of the mill doe foot. The stopper on this, however, is fantastic, it does a really great job at getting just the right amount of product off of the wand.

Now, it is time for a really hard decision, the whole round is going to be hard and so it the final battle because at this point I’m kind of splitting hairs. I have a lot of things that I like about both of these products, they each have good things and bad things about them, and I would for sure recommend either one of these products to any of you guys because they are both really truly good and enjoyable products, but I think I have to pick one otherwise this series would never end. The liquid lipstick going into the final round of battle is the Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B. I just liked it a tiny bit better and I liked that it lasted longer than the Wet ‘N Wild one, although that one is more comfortable and more affordable, but I still think that the Too Faced one shined just a little bit brighter and lasted better, plus the smell is heavenly and that is why it is moving into the next round.

Next week will be the final battle in this round and then we will move on to the final round, so just two more weeks of liquid lipstick battles! I am very excited to see which one performs best, although it will be hard choosing I think, but it will also be very exciting. And if you’re interested in seeing which one one last week, feel free the check out the last battle and find out who is in the final already. I’ll see you guys next week with another battle.


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