Liquid Lipstick Battle: Round #3 Battle #3


It’s Friday and it’s time for yet another liquid lipstick battle, this is the last battle in this round and this is the last round before the final round, which is super exciting. I’m ready to see who gets crowned the champion of liquid lipsticks, but before we get to that one we have to see who the third contender will be. This week’s battle is between the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in In Demand and the  Bronx Colors Matte Lip Tint in Bloom. Let’s jump on in and see who comes out on top.

Let’s start this week out with the more expensive option, that is the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in the shade In Demand. The far left was taken at 7.40 A.M., the middle was at 12:50 P.M. and the far right was taken at 6:15 P.M. for a total of 10 hours and 35 minutes of wear time.

Appearance On Lips: I like the look of this on my lips quite a bit, it does end up settling over time but it does seem to take a little while for me to start seeing the lines in my lips, which I don’t mind one bit.

Texture: The texture of this one is moussey, it’s fairly thin though so it’s like a thin mousse, which is a nice texture.

Pigmentation: This has decent pigmentation, nothing overly pigmented but it does have really buildable color I think.

Time It Took To Fully Dry:  About two minutes, this one was quick.

Smell: I don’t really notice much of any smell to this one.

Kissproof: Yes it is.

Comfort: I think that this one is really comfortable, it’s not the most comfortable lip product ever but for a liquid lipstick I think that it’s really comfortable.

Price: $24.00

Price Per Oz: $184.61

Final Score: 4 out of 5

Notes: I think this one did pretty well, I don’t think the lasting power was quite as good as some of the others that I’ve seen so far but this ten hours is really pushing the liquid lipsticks, especially since I’m not doing any touch ups at all.













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