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Review: Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette

Jeffree StarAndrogyny EyeshadowPalette Review

It’s Sunday which means I am back with another eyeshadow palette to review, last week I did summer which means this week I am doing fall, or autumn if you’d prefer to call it that. Today I will be reviewing the Jeffree Star Androgyny Eyeshadow Palettewhich I think is a fantastic palette for the fall time, it’s got a good mix of color but all are deeper shades without being too deep, it’s a very interesting mix of shades that I think go really well together. So, let’s just jump right on into this palette.

20170710_182711I think I want to start this review out by saying, I know it’s  Jeffree Star and I know there are a lot of opinions and just all around drama around his name, I’m not even the biggest fan of him myself but I did want to play with it so I’m trying to keep him and his product separate. I just wanted to get a little bit of that out there before I started.

Now, with that out of the way, I think I’m just going to jump into the packaging. Starting with the box, which I will not have pictured in this review but the box itself isn’t really that interesting, it’s a dark burgundy kind of shade with the simple gold Jeffree Star logo on it, it’s very straightforward. I will say this, I am slightly disappointed that the actual packaging is pink, I get that’s Jeffree Star’s thing, but the box color seems so much more appropriate for this one to me. However, I like pink and don’t really care that much either, so it’s not really a big deal. I don’t quite know how to describe the texture on this one, it is for sure a texture and maybe a little snake skin like? It’s very small and strange, but I don’t mind it as it seems like something that won’t get dirty super easily and that is always a plus.


Now it is time to delve into the palette itself, so what you see when you open it up are twelve large sized, square pan eyeshadows with the Jeffree Star logo embossed into each one of them. These pants might not be as deep as some but they for sure make up for it in width. I honestly think I prefer a wider pan more, it’s a lot more surface area and I think that makes it pretty easy to use.

Let’s talk about the formula of these eyeshadows, I want to just get this out of the way and say this, I adore this formula. I just dip my brush into the product itself and with just a light touch it is super pigmented. These are super soft but they are soft, I don’t get a whole lot of kick back when I use these which is always nice. It’s just a really nice, soft and buttery formula that doesn’t produce a lot of powder.

There are a couple of metallic type shades in this palette and their formula is a tiny bit different, they aren’t bad by any means and I love the both of them, but they do take a little bit more effort to work with. At least the lighter of the two, Frosting, is a little harder to work with, but I can get color payoff from it, it’s just not as soft and amazing as the rest of the shadows.


Let’s look at some swatches, we’ll be going from top to bottom: Frosting, a really pretty shimmery light gold shade, Safe Word, a nice beigey brown transition kind of shade, Charm, a really pretty light pumpkin kind of orange, Deja Vu, a gorgeous metallic copper shade that I am in love with, Dominatrix, a matte dark warm toned brown, Androgyny, a really pretty matte deep rosey mauve kind of color, Fetish, a matte deep red brick shade, Military, a really yellowy green kind of matte shade, Poison, a very pretty deep blackened teal, and Swallow, a really deep navy blue matte shade.

This palette has such stupid names if you ask me, I’m really not into it but I do get that it’s very Jeffree Star, however, I don’t personally like them. I do like the mix of color though, I think all of these shades are fairly easy to work with one another and create interesting looks, there are a couple of more unique and interesting shades in this one but I like that, it gives me some variety. If I wanted to complain the only real complaint I have is that the last two shades, Poison and Swallow look almost identical and once you put them on the eye I can’t tell the difference. It’s really not a big deal but it is something to keep in mind I think.

These are the three looks that I came up with just playing around with this palette and I’m quite happy with them, I think it shows how really versatile this palette can be, and this is just three looks. I have a really autumnal glam kind of look, a very office friendly day look, and a really dark look for going out. I am very excited to play with this palette more, especially Androgyny, I haven’t used it yet but I’m itching to come up with something using it. Some of my favorites thus far have been Deja Vu, Safe Word, and Fetish, I have enjoyed all of the ones that I’ve tried so far but these are the three that really stand out to me.

Overall, I know there is a lot of controversy around Jeffree Star and his brand, but this is a great product that I very much enjoy, so I’m happy with this purchase and am excited to play with it some more.

Fall is right around the corner, are you excited or loathing the idea of cooler months?


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Favorite Nail Polish Brands 2017

Favorite Nail PolishBrands

I’m here today to talk about my favorite nail polish brands! I am really getting back in the swing of playing with nail polish again and I figured it was time for me to a few of my favorite brands with you, so let’s just jump right on in and start talking about them.

Is the first brand that comes to mind when I started thinking about my favorite brands of nail polish, they are the brand that came to mind when I thought about doing this and I for sure have the most polishes by them. Zoya just makes really consistently good nail polish and they come in tons of shades, which is honestly why I keep coming back. I don’t think I’ve ever used a Zoya nail polish that I have been unhappy with, and if I have it’s been one or two over the years and I have forgotten. So, overall Zoya might be my all time favorite brand of nail polish.

China Glaze is a close second I feel like, I have a love hate relationship with the brand sometimes but I always find myself coming back to this brand, they are frequently releasing new collections, they have tons of colors and the formula is usually spot on. Sometimes you do get a dud that just really isn’t good, but usually, that doesn’t happen and that’s probably why I’ve picked this as a close second to Zoya.  And I say love hate just because I find myself falling away from the brand hard but then coming back hard, but they may have something to do with the amount of collections that they release and me just not being able to keep up anymore.

This is the most affordable brand on the list and probably one of the most affordable brands in the drugstore, which is always a bonus, the nail polish is simply great and the price is even better. I think the reason I didn’t put this higher on the list is because of a lack of color, don’t get me wrong, they have a pretty good selection but not as big of a selection as the two above. They also are frequently coming out with new collections but still, not as much of a regular, all the time line color selection. These are sill great nail polishes, I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten a dud and like the rest of the internet, I adore the brush on these.

And my final choice on the list, the most expensive choice I have, though I never pay for these full price. Butter London nail polishes are fantastic, I only have maybe a half dozen of them but they have all been fantastic polishes. The formula of these are really great, they seem to last fairly well on the nails and are just overall a great nail polish. My one hangup with these is that they just don’t have enough of a selection of colors, at least based on what I’ve seen this is true and I just really like to have a color selection. Otherwise, these are great polishes that are fantastic for when you might want to treat yo self a little.

And those are my favorite brands, of course, I have other brands that I enjoy but these are the ones that I came up with that I have a bunch of and consistently enjoy nail polish from. I really wanted to make it a top five kind of post but I couldn’t come up with the last brand, so I didn’t, I didn’t just want to shove one in here for the sake of having five.

What is your favorite and least favorite brand of nail polish?


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Let’s Play With Makeup #1!

Bridal Makeup +Hair

I think Let’s Play With Makeup might be what I call this when I’m posting a makeup look or tutorial without any reason, this is the first one and it’s going to be a little bit different than what the future ones will be, or at least in my mind, it is different. The name is something I came up with right before I started writing this post, however, the title image is something that I did at the beginning of the month when I power through and do them all, that is why they don’t match. Plus this one does have a theme, I probably should just call it bridal hair and makeup but I just don’t want to. And that was too long of a paragraph about the inconsistency between the two. Let’s get on into the look.

I went and got my hair done this day, but it seems pretty simple, not something I could ever do but still fairly simple. While I don’t think I’ll be rocking this look at my wedding, I think it’s a pretty good looking fall wedding look, as a guest or a bride even.

What do you think of when you think of bridal makeup?


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Love The Skin Your In Tag

Love The Skin Your In Tag

I saw this tag over at ellamaygarrett’s blog and I just loved everything about it, so I decided that I wanted to do it and that is why we are here today. I guess I technically wasn’t tagged to do this but at the same time, I wasn’t not, the post I read ended in her tagging everyone and I think I could as everyone. I’m not going to give this any more of an introduction but instead just jump right on into this.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post
  •  Display the “love the skin you’re in” image.
  • Be truthful when answering the questions and don’t judge what other people have answered in their posts.
  • If you want to add any questions to this tag related to body positivity feel free to.
  • Try to nominate as many people as you can, if not everyone.


One feature you love about yourself? I’m probably going to choose the most cliche of answers but I think my eyes, while I can’t see very well out of them without glasses, they are somewhat interesting and I like that. They switch between darker shades of blue and lighter shades of gray, and I like that.

One feature you wish/wished you could change that you are trying to accept or have accepted? This is probably the biggest thing I avoid talking about, but I’m trying to be open and very honest in answering this tag, my answer would have to be my teeth. I have always had messed up teeth and add in a few years of not the best care and it’s just a feature I wish I could change. I’m trying to accept it but at the same time I’m also trying to change it, I’m just not sure how much changing I can really do.

Have you ever thought of getting surgery to change your imperfections? Honestly, no. It’s never really crossed my mind because I am terrified of the idea of surgery in general, so I probably wouldn’t want to put myself through that for something cosmetic.

One of your main role models for body positivity? Julie at getfitjules on Instagram, I dunno what it is entirely but she just really inspires me and it makes me happy to see her post on Instagram.

Has a family member or friend ever put you down about your physical appearance? If so what for? Oh, for sure, but I try not to hold on to those types of things. It’s been for my weight, me dressing slightly more risque sometimes, my teeth and probably a couple of other things that I just can’t think of. Sometimes my family can be brutal.

Something you love about your fashion sense or style? I love that I’ve come to a point in my life with my style that I am happy wearing whatever it is that I like, whether it be all black, really frilly, a little bit weird or maybe something that ‘shouldn’t’ be worn on my body type, but whatever it is if I like it and think it looks good I’m going to wear it.

Why is your body a great place to be? One reason would be that without it I would be here and that would just really be terrible, I do quiet enjoying being here. I may struggle with it sometimes, I may see things that I don’t like always, but it works and it’s a great body.

Before I finish this tag up, I just wanted to add a photo that I took recently where I was really feeling myself, it’s just a mirror selfie, wearing a dress that I love and freshly showered but I was really happy with how I felt and looked that day so I just wanted to share it. I’ve been holding on to this picture for a few weeks now and was waiting for the perfect time to share it.


I Tag!

I just want to tag everyone who is reading this right now, I’d love to see all of you do this tag!

I really enjoyed this tag, I loved the questions and I’m really happy that I decided to do it. I think that’s really all I have to say about this one.

How are you feeling about your body today? It’s okay, to be honest, there is no judgment here.


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Review: BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette

BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To BrazilPalette Review

I am back once again to review a makeup palette if you missed out on my post last week, I am reviewing a new to me eye shadow palette every Sunday in the month of August. Last week I did a spring inspired eyeshadow palette and this week I will be doing a summer eyeshadow palette. The BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil Palette, just looking at this makes me think of the summertime, it’s bright, full of life and color, it’s just really fun and summery if you ask me. This is still for sale but I think this might be limited edition. Anyway, let’s get right on into it.



I saw this and debated over it for a total of about three minutes before immediately purchasing it, partly because I love playing with color now and partly because I just don’t have any self-control whatsoever. But, whatever the reason may be, I own this palette now so it’s time to get talking about it.

I guess I’ll start with the packaging, this isn’t my favorite packaging every just because it is the typical thick cardboard type of packaging that you would expect from a palette at this price point. It’s nothing bad or anything it’s just bulky and I would have preferred a more stream lined feel and look to it, but of course, that may just be me. I don’t think there is a whole lot of excess space when you open it, the eyeshadows could be a little bit closer but this is nothing that I can’t deal with. The theming of this palette is perfect though, I think it’s exactly what I would picture seeing that it’s called Take Me Back to Brazil and it’s a Carnival themed palette. It’s very fun packaging.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the inside, the shadow pants were a little bit smaller than I thought they would be, I wasn’t expecting them to be huge at all but I wasn’t expecting them to be quite this small either. They are still easy to work with and get a brush in and it is a colorful palette so I’m not really sure how much use I’ll really get out of it so I don’t mind that the pans are a little bit smaller than average. You get 32 round eyeshadows in all of the colors you can probably imagine, you get a large black one and two large duo-chrome white shades, one appears to be cooler toned and the other warmer. It’s such a fun mix and is really fun to play with!


I think it’s time to see some swatches, which if you’re reading this then I would guess you already have, seeing as the swatches are above this text. These are finger swatches, mostly because I’m usually too lazy to get up and get a brush and I always forget to bring one, so finger swatches it is. These all swatched fairly nicely, some better than others as you can see, and as they don’t have names I can’t really point out which ones are my favorite super easily. I think the red and that bright blue in the left photo really stand out, I don’t know why I haven’t really played with either of them but I think I’ll have to soon. With this palette, I’m pretty much going to be able to create endless looks and I’m really looking forward to playing with it more.

A little about the formula of these shadows, they do vary a little bit seeing as they aren’t all the same finish and even due to the colors they aren’t all the same formula, but Some of these are amazing and sme the others are a little bit more chalky. Overall as a whole and based on what I’ve played with so far, these have been really great especially for the price point.


Now, I plan on sharing three eyeshadow looks with each review, I’m not sure if I mentioned that in last weeks review but I am mentioning it now. These are the three looks that I came up with and I’m pretty happy about all of them, they are very fun and very bold. I think I’m most happy with the third one, which is a rainbow eye I kind of slapped together. I do wish I had taken a little bit more time with it and it would have been even better, but I was just messing around and for messing around I was pretty happy with it. I can’t list shade names that I used because there are none, so I can’t really list the stand out shades that I played with.

So, I think that is it and I think I’ve covered everything that I need to. I’m really quite happy with this eyeshadow palette, it’s not the best quality that I’ve ever used but it’s not bad by any means either, I find it pretty easy to work with.  This is also a really easy palette to work with on it’s own or to work with other shades and palettes, which is always a plus if you ask me.

What is your favorite summer palette?


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Lush Yuzu And Cocoa Shower Cream

Lush Yuzu & CocoaShower Cream Review

Its time for another Lush review, I feel like these have been very few and far between, but they have recently come out with a bunch of new products and I may have picked some of them up, so there will be a bunch of Lush reviews coming up in the next few months. Especially considering the Halloween and Christmas ranges will be coming, I can resist those two things, even if I don’t buy Lush as much anymore. Anyway, this one isn’t about that but instead, Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream.


I am reviewing this now partly because I wanted to and partly because this is leaving the stores and that makes me so sad, so I figured I needed to make sure that everyone was aware in case they weren’t. I’m probably going to ruin the review a little bit by saying this, but this is my all time favorite product from Lush, probably, so I am super sad that it’s going away and even though I have a mostly full 16oz bottle of it I am really tempted to pick up another one just because I do love it so much. Anyway, let’s dive on into the actual review.

I guess I’ll start with the best part of this product and that is the scent, I love the scent of this so much, it’s supposed to smell like chocolate oranges but I don’t get that at all and I feel like a lot of people don’t pick up that scent. The scent that I do pick up is even better than that, at least if you ask me it is, it smells like a tropical vacation and I love that. It has this really creamy scent to it while also smelling like coconuts lightly, it reminds me of something but I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe a little bit like suntan lotion but better, it’s just a really great, slightly sweet, creamy, tropical kind of scent.

I love the color of this too! That doesn’t play anything into what I think about this product but it is something added, it’s fun and bright.

I feel like the feel of this is what makes this even more special, it’s not just a shower gel but a shower cream, which to me means that this is a lot more moisturizing on the skin than just regular old shower gel. This does have cocoa butter in it, which is probably what makes it extra moisturizing and that extra bit more luxurious of a product. Also, on top of all of that, this one is Vegan, which non-vegan products don’t bother me but I know that some people strictly use vegan products.

Overall I love this, there is no secret about that and I would completely recommend this to any and everyone who likes this type of scent. I am so sad to see this one go and will have to keep a look out in the kitchen for it when I start running low.

Are you sad about Lush discontinuing so many products?


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Battle: The Balm Vs NYX Liquid Lipstick

The BalmVs.NYX

It feels like it has been forever since I have done a dupe post, that’s probably because I completely forgot to schedule in a dupe post last month, I don’t know what is wrong with me but it completely slipped my mind. I think I was doing pretty good, making sure I got a dupe post out every month but I guess my streak is broken now. I am getting back to it though with a battle of the liquid lipsticks, I will be battling The Balm Meet Matt(e) Huges in Sincere and NYX Liquid Suede in Softspoken.  So, let’s just jump right on in and find out of these two products are dupes.

I guess I am going to start this post out by talking about the obvious thing here, the color of these two products. On the hand swatch, the NYX is on the left and The Balm on the right, which there they look really quite different at least to me they do. Like, on the hand they are close enough to not really need both, even though I already owned both, but at the same time, I can see a difference between the two. The left is a little bit darker and a little less red, which I enjoy more and the right is, of course, lighter and a little bit more red in color. So, I wasn’t really confident on these being dupes because the swatches just weren’t matching up at all.

However, I continued on to see what they looked like on the lips and on the top lip I wore the NYX Liquid Suede and the bottom was The Balm Meet Matt(e) Huges, and much to my surprise these two do look like color dupes to me. I can barely tell the difference, the slightest difference I can see between the two is that the NYX one is still a tiny bit darker, but my fiance couldn’t tell the difference until I pointed out that I was wearing two different lipsticks. So, upon first glance, I don’t think these are color dupes but on the lips, these look almost identical and way close enough to not need to own both of these.

Now, I think it is time to talk about formula. I don’t think these guys are as close in the formula as they are color, granted I also don’t think they are that different really. I think that the NYX one actually lasts a tiny bit longer on the lips, both are about the same when it comes to the feel on the lips, not drying but not the most comfortable thing that I’ve ever worn on my lips either. I will say this, neither one of these lipsticks held up to the pizza I ate the day I was wearing these at all. So, the wear time of these aren’t that different really but I still stick by the NYX one wearing a little bit better.

So, overall I think that these are dupes, or at least close enough to not really need to own both of them. I do own both but now that I’ve seen that they are dupes of one another maybe I’ll declutter one, we’ll see how that goes the next time I’m looking through my stash.

What dupes would you guys be interested in seeing?


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Liebster Award 2017

Liebster Award

It’s time to do the Liebster Award I was tagged in a couple of weeks ago, it didn’t take me nearly as long to get to it as I thought it was going to, which I am super happy about that. I am also really happy to have been tagged, it feels really good and reminds me that I’m not just shouting into the internet, someone is there listening, which is always a good feeling. I knew that but like I said, sometimes it’s good to be reminded. So thank you, Kat, at thisisbeautyweb for nominating me.


  • Answer the 11 questions you were asked
  • Tag 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers on Twitter, Facebook, or by email subscriptions
  • Create 11 new questions for your nominees
  • Recognize the blogger who tagged you


  1. What words would you use to best describe yourself? Oh gosh, I’m really not sure. quiet yet never stops talking? Does that make any sense? I think that’s it.
  2. How did you get into blogging? Originally I was on Tumblr but eventually wanted to branch out, and over the years I’ve settled into this little place on the internet, blogging mostly about makeup.
  3. What is something you do daily/daily routine? Wake up, I try to do that every single day. But yeah, something I do every day? Pet the cats, they need all the pets and love.
  4. If it could only be one season all year, which would you pick and why? Probably fall, as much as I love the summer I lived in Florida for 22 years and summer all the time is just not as fun as I would think Fall all the time would be, the weather would just be much more enjoyable I think.
  5. What is an experience you’ve had that you’ll never forget? Does moving four states and ten hours away from my home count? Cause I don’t think I’ll ever forget that and I’m okay with that.
  6. Which quote do you find yourself using a lot? Oh, I’m not sure about that one. Maybe something like ‘You just gotta keep going’, does that count? I feel like I’m answering these questions terribly.
  7. Trends that you’ve most liked and most hated? Highlighting is something that I’ve grown to love so much! A trend I hate would probably have to be overly done eyebrows, whether that be overly plucked or filled in, I just don’t like the look of too much in either direction.
  8. What are your other hobbies besides blogging? Does shopping count? ‘Cause I’m serious. Beyond that, I like to read, watch shows with my fiance and spend time playing with makeup.
  9. Do you have any hidden talents? I can do this weird thing with my eye, but I don’t think it really counts as a hidden talent.
  10. Who are your YouTube inspirations? In my head, this is the same thing as favorite YouTubers so I’d have to say Learning ToBeFearless, leighannsays and Rhiannon Ashlee to name a few. These are all people I can’t miss a video from.
  11. If a movie was made about you, who would you want to play your character? This is easily the hardest question on here and I’m not really sure, so I’m going to have to put some thought into this one.

My Questions For You

  1.  Favorite blogger(s)?
  2. If you had three wishes, strictly three, what would you wish for?
  3. What are five books you’d bring with you on a desert island?
  4. Favorite lipstick of all time?
  5. One brand you can’t stand?
  6. What is the best deal you’ve ever gotten?
  7. Current favorite song?
  8. Have you ever broken a bone?
  9. Feelings about Instagram?
  10. One word that describes you.
  11. What is the best gift you’ve ever given?

I Nominate….

  1. Sariah at My Neon Thoughts
  2. Subhanshi at All Things Glitter
  3. Emily at Guess What Beauty
  4. Paige at The Glam Paige
  5. Alison  at Wine Love Beauty
  6. Amerjit at Wispy Lashes
  7. Morgan at Peplums And Pitches
  8. Jessica at Honestly Ombre
  9. Tiffany at Tenaciously Tiffany
  10. Mon & Brit at Two Be Picked
  11. Sarah at Glitz and Glam Beauty

I’m really excited to see how everyone answers these questions! I think this is super interesting and I’m quite happy that I got tagged.

If I tagged you, will you do this?


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Review: Lorac I Love Brunch Palette

Lorac I -3 BrunchPalette Review

It’s time for me to introduce you to a fun new, short series that I have planned for all the Sundays during August. Since there are four Sundays this month and four seasons I’ve decided to do something maybe a little bit weird, but really not weird at the same time, I’m going to knock out four new palettes to me that I need to review and each one of them happens to remind me of a season. So, really I’m just reviewing eyeshadow palettes but they happen to make me think of each season, so of course, I am going to start off with spring and that means the Lorac I Love Brunch Palettewhich is a limited edition spring collection palette.

Continue reading “Review: Lorac I Love Brunch Palette”

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July 2017 Nail Wrap Up

July 2017Nail Wrap Up

And it is time for the last monthly post of all the monthly posts that I do, which means it’s nail time! I wanted to do better this month and test out more polishes, which I think I did and am really quite happy about. This month I wore six different nail polishes so this post will be a little bit longer than the last month. And hopefully August will be long and fun as well, but for now, we are going to focus on the month of July and dive right on in!


Essie Russian Roulette – Is the first one up this month, I bought this on a whim at Walgreens because it was on sale super cheap and I didn’t really have a bright, true classic red polish in my collection. I’m not sure if this was exactly what I was thinking of when it comes to that shade but it is a nice one and I’m happy to have this. The formula is really good, which to me is a huge plus because usually Essie polishes are so hit and miss, so I’m just happy to have picked out a hit. This is a shade I see myself using plenty in the future.


China Glaze I Just Canterlot – I just couldn’t resist the new My Little Pony Collection, well at least picking up a couple of the polishes, which I did pretty well at restraining myself and have only purchased three from this collection… so far. This was the first one that I had to put on my nails because of glitter! And I think that says enough. This was a little bit disappointing because it did chip fairly quickly and that’s annoying, however, I haven’t written this one off yet and still plan to keep this one until further notice.


China Glaze Sweet As Pinkie Pie – I had to get the Pinkie Pie themed polish, or at least one of them, I couldn’t not own it because Pinkie is my favorite pony plus I really do love the color pink. This polish is fantastic and may have been the pink polish that I’ve been looking for, well maybe not exactly but pretty damn close. I think the shade I’m dreaming of is a little bit lighter with a fantastic formula, but I haven’t come across that yet. Anyway, about this polish, I found that the formula was great, it was a two coater and went on really smooth and not streaky at all so I’m super happy to have this one in the stash.


China Glaze Cutie Mark The Spot – And this is the last shade from the collection that I picked up and of course it is the most disappointing, I didn’t really love this formula. I put on three coats and it’s still a little bit patchy. That combined with the fact that my nails look a little bit rough here just makes for a miserable combination. I hated this formula and usually would pass it along, but because it’s so new to me I can’t get myself to let go so this is something that I’m probably going to have to play with one or two more times before really writing it off.


Julep Kayla – This is a brand that I don’t own a lot from, in fact, I think this is the only Julep brand nail polish that I own and I’m kind of sad about that. This formula is really quite nice, it did take me three coats to get this particular shade built up to where I wanted it to be but I’m alright with that, I’m not the biggest fan of three coaters but if they look nice at the end of it all I’m not mad about it. This is just a really bright, fun and interesting color if you ask me.


China Glaze Papa Don’t Peach – I’m typing this out and can’t believe that I’m already on the last shade, I wore so many more nail polish shades this past month than the last but it still went by really quickly. Anyway, I found out about the China Glaze Lite Brite collection from last summer and after reading a couple of reviews fell in love with the whole thing, I really wanted to pick up all of them but instead I limited myself to seven to try out, which is probably stupid because I could have just purchased the whole collection for probably almost as much as I got these seven for. And I might even go back for more. Anyway, about this shade, I was really excited to get my hands on this shade, so much so that this was the first from the collection that I put on my nails because I just had to wear it, it did not disappoint. This shade is bright, really fun, easy to work with and just a really fantastic summer shade that I am so happy to have my little hands on.

And those are all of the shades that I have worn over the month of July, a really good mix of shades I think, once again not the best mix of brands but about half of my collection is split between Zoya and China Glaze so I’m not sure there is much I can do about that. Except maybe purchase more nail polish! But really, I probably don’t need to do that, at least not in bulk so I’m going to try and hold off on that a bit and just try and work through looking at all of the polishes that I currently own.

What nail polish colors have you been rocking in the month of July?


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