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Try It Tuesday: LillianVioletCo Bath Bombs


Last month was all about earrings and this month is all about bath bombs, this months bath bombs are also from the Etsy shop LillianVioletCo which is a shop that sells a bunch of different body care products. This shop has really great pricing I think as I got to pick out five bath bombs for a total of $20, which is a pretty good price. Anyway, let’s just dive on into these bombs.

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Review: Lush Bombardino Bath Bomb

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

Time for a Lush review that I have been sitting on for a little while now, which should be no surprise to most people seeing as that’s how most of my Lush reviews come to be, things that I’ve been sitting on a reviewing very slowly. Today is all about the Bombardino bath bomb, which is a bomb that I picked up months ago on the kitchen, which should tell you how long it’s been. But anyway, let’s talk a bit about this bomb.

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Review: Lush Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb

Yellow Submarine

I am finally chipping away at some of the Lush reviews that have been sitting around just waiting for me to pay attention to them. Today I will be talking about the Yellow Submarine bath bomb from Lush, this is a new bomb to the collection I believe and it’s a really cute one. Let’s get right into talking about this one.

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Review: Lush Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater Review

It is time for another Lush holiday product review, I really did not plan enough of these but a few are better than nothing and I am sure I will just talk about my favorites later on in the new year because it’s completely okay to review products a month late, right? I think so. Anyway, today we are talking about the festive Christmas Sweater bath bomb, let’s just jump right on in and get into it.

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Lush Holiday 2017 Wishlist!

Lush Wishlist

I may not post about it quite as much as I once did, but I love Lush and I’m not sure if that will ever change, especially during the holiday season because they release so many new products and it’s just so fun and exciting. Because of that I’ve decided to do two days of Lush things in this years Blogmas, the first being my Lush wishlist which is essentially the whole entire range minus a few things and I am completely serious about that, and tomorrow I’m going to talk about what I think are the best gift sets this year. But today, you should grab a snack, a drink and settle in because this one is probably going to be a long one.

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Review: Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

Add heading

Today I have a Lush review for you guys, it’s one of their new products and one from the Halloween range, which didn’t interest me a whole lot this year. I purchased two other things from the range and I’m debating picking up one other thing, but for the most part, the Halloween range wasn’t super exciting for me. Anyway, this is the only Halloween lush post I have planned for this month, so let’s get talking about the Secret Arts Jelly Bomb.

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Review: Lush Pink Bath Bomb

Lush Pink BathBomb Review

It’s finally time for me to do another Lush review, it feels like it has been a little while since I’ve sat down and reviewed anything from Lush, I have so much new stuff to review and with them releasing all of the Holiday stuff, I’m probably going to have a bunch more, I’m really not sure when I’m going to find time for it all but I’m sure I will, it just might be a little late. But for today I am reviewing the Pink Bath Bomb from Lush.


This is the new and improved version of the Pink bath bomb, I want to start out by saying this, I never did get around to trying the old formula of this, I hate the smell of Snow Fairy shower gel but I do love it in all other forms, so I’m not really sure why I never picked the old one up, but I didn’t so I can’t really compare the two. Wish I would have tried one now but I did not. Just wanted to get that one out of the way so it wouldn’t be a question later.

Anyway, let’s get right on into this big ol’ ball of pink fizz. This bath bomb is very pretty, it’s a bright pink shade and it has some silver luster on the outside, it looks like a very feminine bath bomb. The thing about this bath bomb in terms of appearance is that while I think it is kind of pretty, it’s nothing exciting, some bath bombs just look fun and exciting and this one doesn’t give off that vibe at all.


Now, I just talked about how the outside of this bomb isn’t exciting and the thing about this one is the inside isn’t either, some bombs fizz out and have hidden colors in the center, this one does not, so it’s pretty much exactly what you would think you’re getting. This does end up leaving the water a really pretty, soft pink kind of shade with a bunch of sparkle in it. I love the look but I’m just saying it’s not super exciting.

Now, I’m going to move on to the feel of this bath bomb in the water, I think this is standard in terms of moisture. All Lush bath bombs that I have ever used leave my skin feeling soft and feel soft in the water, but some do so more so and this just doesn’t happen to be one of those that blew me out of the water in terms of moisture.

Now, we’re going to get into what I think is the most important part of any bath bomb and that is the scent, the scent is the part that you’re going to enjoy the most, even though pretty colors and glitter are pretty nice.


This one smells like the grown up adult version of the old pink bath bomb, like it still has a little bit of sweetness to it and vanilla, but it smells more… grown up. This has a little bit more of a floral kind of smell to it, I might even say a little bit musky. It’s not bad, it’s not my all time favorite scent but I can for sure see the appeal in this scent. It’s not very out there, it’s not very floral, it’s just a really well-rounded scent.

This bath bomb is vegan, so for all of those who only use vegan-friendly products, this is one of lushes many vegan bath bombs.

This bath bomb features vanilla absolute, tanka absolute, lavender oil and neroli oil, just to name a few of the ingredients in this bath bomb.

This is also one of the larger bath bombs now and it retails for $8.95, which is a little bit up there but I also know that you can cut most bath bombs in half and get more bang for your buck.

Overall, I like this bath bomb, I think it’s nice and I like the smell, however it’s just not my favorite bath bomb that I’ve ever used. It is very pink though and that is something that I quite enjoy.

What is your favorite Lush bath bomb?


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Lush Pink Bath BombReview


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Lush Yuzu And Cocoa Shower Cream

Lush Yuzu & CocoaShower Cream Review

Its time for another Lush review, I feel like these have been very few and far between, but they have recently come out with a bunch of new products and I may have picked some of them up, so there will be a bunch of Lush reviews coming up in the next few months. Especially considering the Halloween and Christmas ranges will be coming, I can resist those two things, even if I don’t buy Lush as much anymore. Anyway, this one isn’t about that but instead, Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream.


I am reviewing this now partly because I wanted to and partly because this is leaving the stores and that makes me so sad, so I figured I needed to make sure that everyone was aware in case they weren’t. I’m probably going to ruin the review a little bit by saying this, but this is my all time favorite product from Lush, probably, so I am super sad that it’s going away and even though I have a mostly full 16oz bottle of it I am really tempted to pick up another one just because I do love it so much. Anyway, let’s dive on into the actual review.

I guess I’ll start with the best part of this product and that is the scent, I love the scent of this so much, it’s supposed to smell like chocolate oranges but I don’t get that at all and I feel like a lot of people don’t pick up that scent. The scent that I do pick up is even better than that, at least if you ask me it is, it smells like a tropical vacation and I love that. It has this really creamy scent to it while also smelling like coconuts lightly, it reminds me of something but I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe a little bit like suntan lotion but better, it’s just a really great, slightly sweet, creamy, tropical kind of scent.

I love the color of this too! That doesn’t play anything into what I think about this product but it is something added, it’s fun and bright.

I feel like the feel of this is what makes this even more special, it’s not just a shower gel but a shower cream, which to me means that this is a lot more moisturizing on the skin than just regular old shower gel. This does have cocoa butter in it, which is probably what makes it extra moisturizing and that extra bit more luxurious of a product. Also, on top of all of that, this one is Vegan, which non-vegan products don’t bother me but I know that some people strictly use vegan products.

Overall I love this, there is no secret about that and I would completely recommend this to any and everyone who likes this type of scent. I am so sad to see this one go and will have to keep a look out in the kitchen for it when I start running low.

Are you sad about Lush discontinuing so many products?


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