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Fall Anti Haul

Fall Anti-Haul

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these, in fact, I’ve only done one of these so far and that was all the way back in the month of may, so I felt that it was time to do another and what better time than now, when all of the holiday sets and palettes are being released. This one is going to be a little bigger than my last anti haul but nothing too big, mostly eyeshadow palettes too, not sure why but that is a thing. Let’s jump in!

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Etsy Finds #3


I am back again this month with another Etsy finds post, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite series, I can’t believe this is only my third one. I feel like I could do two or three of these a month and never run out of fantastic items, but I am going to limit myself to one a month. If you want to check out last months Etsy finds, you can check it out here.  Now, let’s see what kind of things I found on Etsy this month.

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Lush Halloween 2017 Wishlist


This was not the post that I originally had planned but at the same time this is, let me explain by saying that I had planned on doing a Lush Halloween and Christmas wishlist, but I started looking at the Christmas stuff and realized that I am lusting after way too many things from the Christmas stuff that I’ve decided to do a separate post later on in the year rather than now. But, now that I plan to only talk about the Halloween stuff I realized I don’t have a ton of Halloween stuff that I’m itching to try out, so this may be a shorter post, either way let’s get to talking about some Lush.

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Fall 2017 Makeup Wishlist!

Fall MakeupWishlist

I am on a no buy right now so doing this post is really helping with that, it’s like window shopping, which can be satisfying as well, though never quite as good as actual shopping.  So, I guess I’m just going to share some of the things that I’ve been looking at, debating drooling over, etc. and talk just a bit about them. Let’s dive on into my wishlist for the fall season.

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September 2017 Haul: Part 2

September GiantHaul Part 1

It’s Monday and I’m posting again! Last week I posted part one of my giant haul, which really should have been called my giant, way too big, massive haul because this one is a doozy. This is the final part and while I think this half is smaller, I imagine it’s still going to be a long one, so grab a snack, a drink and settle in for this giant haul post.

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Review: NYX In Your Element

NYX EarthPalette Review

It’s time for the second eyeshadow palette review that I have planned this month, last week I talked about the Colourpop She Palette and this week I’m going to be talking about the NYX In Your Element Earth Palette. They recently came out with six of these palettes in the line of eyeshadow palettes, all of which are based on an element, I personally have picked up two of these but today I am focusing solely on the Earth palette, so let’s just jump into this review.

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Battle: Nars Blush Dolce Vita vs. ELF Blush Blushing Rose

ELF Blushing Rose Vs.NARS Dolce Vita

It’s time for another dupe post, I really love doing these posts and this month we will be battling a couple of blushes. As you probably already know but the title, we will be battling the NARS Blush in Dolce Vita and ELF Blush in Blushing Rose, two very different price points but these are supposed to be dupes. Instead of talking about these let’s just jump right on into this dupe post!

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Review: Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

Add heading

Today I have a Lush review for you guys, it’s one of their new products and one from the Halloween range, which didn’t interest me a whole lot this year. I purchased two other things from the range and I’m debating picking up one other thing, but for the most part, the Halloween range wasn’t super exciting for me. Anyway, this is the only Halloween lush post I have planned for this month, so let’s get talking about the Secret Arts Jelly Bomb.

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September 2017 Haul: Part 1

September GiantHaul Part 1 (1)

Yes, I know it’s Monday and I know this isn’t one of the days that I normally post on but I forgot to schedule this post so I decided that instead of moving something or not posting that I was just going to post this today. So, this week there will be six posts, and next week there will also be six posts. I’m doing it two weeks in a row because this haul turned out to be a lot bigger than I first anticipated, so instead of having one massive haul post I’ve decided to split it into two giant haul post, which is smaller than massive if you ask me. So grab a drink and a snack because while this haul is in two parts, this is going to be a long one.

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Review: Colourpop She Palette

Colourpop She PaletteReview

It’s time for a review and for something new series wise, I think this is a sign that I am purchasing way too much makeup since I have so many new things to review, either that or I’m finally starting to catch up with the mass amount of things that I have to write about. Either way, every Sunday there will be a new eyeshadow palette review, this one isn’t as themed as the past two months have been but still a series nonetheless, at least I think so. I’m starting out with the Colourpop She Palette, so let’s jump into this review.

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