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Christmas Decorations 2017!

Christmas Decorations2017

I did one of these last year for Blogmas 2016 and I did have a lot of the same decorations this year as I did last, but there are some new things and this year we aren’t putting up a tree due to not being here and a new kitty who we think will probably wreck the tree, but that didn’t stop me from decorating and getting festive this season, so continue on for a little bit of a Christmas decoration photo dump.

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Christmas Wishlist


To kick off the many lists that I know I am going to make this month, I’ve decided to start with my own personal Christmas Wishlist, why? Well, mostly because I wanted to share my own personal wishlist because I think it’s fun, I’m a bit of a nosy person so I enjoy seeing what other people are wishing for so I figure someone else might as well. So, today I will be talking about a few items that I am lusting after this Christmas season.

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Why November 2017 Was Awesome + Goals

Why NovemberWas Awesome

Another month down and if I’m being completely honest, I’m okay with this one, I like thanksgiving fine but my heart truly lies with the Christmas season and November being over means it is time to kick off December. But, this post is about November, not December so I will focus on November for just a little while longer.

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Why October 2017 Was Awesome + Goals

Why OctoberWas Awesome

I can’t believe that October is over, I feel like I blinked and there went October, it has been one of the quicker months this year. Also, Happy Halloween. I really debated doing a Halloween themed post today, but if I’m being honest, I’m not really the biggest Halloween fan and haven’t done anything up until this point, so I figured why do anything Halloween related now. Let’s talk about this month.

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Why September 2017 Was Awesome + Goals

September 2017

It’s the start of a new month which means it’s time to talk about the last month, which means multiple posts wrapping up the previous month, this time we start with my overall wrap-up of the month of September and my goals for the month of October. I can’t believe it’s already October again, this year seems to be flying by, the month of September was gone so quickly, it was like a blink of an eye.

September wasn’t a particularly exciting month but it was a pretty busy month, which I think is some of the reason why it seemed to have gone by super quickly. The only thing that I can think of off the top of my head that was somewhat exciting this month was that I turned 24 during the month of September, which you can read all about here, that way I don’t bore anyone who has already read all about my birthday. I had a really great day.

Another thing that is somewhat exciting is I got my wedding dress back, it’s all altered and fits perfectly, I’m super happy that I decided to let it out a little bit instead of trying to fit in it, which I’m sure I could have, but now it fits pretty comfortably and I’m not itching to take it off. So, even if I actually do lose some weight, I will fit in it if I don’t as well which is nice. I did sit in it for the first time and I really can’t bend and there is so much fluff around me, but still, I’m happy with it and very excited to wear it shortly.

I’ve been working a lot this month, working a lot on my blog, cleaning and just the usual things really, there isn’t a whole lot of exciting things going on. As I’ve said probably way too many times, I’m pretty boring but I still like to keep up with things here in case there ever is something exciting for me to list.

Now, to talk a little bit about my goals from last month and how they went, let’s start with Driving, which is something I failed at yet again. I do not know what is wrong with me but I just don’t ever drive, I really need to push myself to drive more often but September wasn’t a good month for that apparently. Getting Ahead With My Reading Challenge, I’m so disappointed in myself, I was ahead for most of this month but as of right now I am on track, which is better than being behind but I was hoping to get ahead. Social Media, is something I think I’m endless going to be working on better myself at, but I think I’m doing alright with this one. Losing Weight I was doing so good, I had lost four pounds since the middle of August, as of the middle of September, but I fell off a bit and I’ve gained a little bit of the weight back so I have lost some but I’m not where I wanted to be. It’s just nice to have finally seen some change on the scale. Decluttering, I have done a really good job at this, I went through all of my makeup and now I’m working on going through it once more, a little more in depth this time.

Drive More. This one is returning because it is something that I really need to do and it’s going to be here until I actually start doing it, here’s to hoping October is the month of driving for me.

Read Five Books This Month. I want to challenge myself a little bit, though I did just get a bunch of graphic novels for my birthday so I’m not sure how much of a challenge it will really be, I want to read five books, which should put me ahead one book at the end of October.

Lose Five Pounds. This goal is back, it’s not the end of the world if I don’t and I’m not super focused on it, but I would love to lose five pounds this month.

Get Back To Working Out. I have fallen off the wagon a little bit during September, so it’s time to refocus and get back to working out six days a week, I know I have it in me, I just have to get back to it.

Continue Decluttering. I want to continue on with the decluttering and have a really in-depth look at my wardrobe this month, it might take some time but I’ve got all of October to finish it which I think will be plenty of time.

No Buy. I already know that I’m going to fail this, but then again maybe I won’t, I probably will but either way I’m going to attempt a no buy for the month and at the very least I’m hopefully going to fall into the category of a low buy.

Relax. I want to make sure to make time for myself to relax, so I’m hoping to do this once a week and hoping that it will help me out in the long run, because sometimes I just really feel overwhelmed and need to remind myself it’s okay to slow down.

And those are all of my goals for October, I think I did alright with my September ones and I think I’m going to crush the October ones, I can just feel it already. Here’s to a fabulous October!

How did September treat you guys?


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Why August Was Awesome+ Goals (1)


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Follow Me Around: 24th Birthday

Follow Me-24th Birthday

I’m not sure if you guys knew this or not but my birthday was recent, which you may have known by the fact that I posted my 24th birthday haul this past Sunday, or the fact that I talked about it on social media. I really enjoy my birthday usually and am completely fine with talking about it, I did try to keep the birthday posts to a minimum though, so that’s why this is going to be my last birthday post, plus I’m not really sure what else I would blog about.


I had two days off of work, the Wednesday before my birthday and my actual birthday. I had the Wednesday off because I had a wedding dress fitting and we had a couple of other things to do, so we just took the whole day off, which was nice. As you can see in the photo to the left, I wore a really cute outfit on Wednesday that I was super happy with. This was taken in the Old Navy dressing room, which was one of the stops that day as I had some super cash to spend, which I did of course. I am a shopaholic after all. But we started our day out by going to Old Navy, they were closed so we ended up going to the suit place, but they asked us to come back later so we hopped over and had lunch. Then we went and dealt with my dress, came back and got my fiance a suit, went and did some shopping, had a birthday dinner on Wednesday and came home. So, the day before my birthday was pretty fun. But, now on to the actual day.

I just had to share this photo, I had the day off so that meant that I had plenty of time to play with makeup, so since I had time and it was with my birthday. So, since I had all the time and it was my birthday I decided to play with glitter, something I’ve never done before but something I am super happy I played with because now I’m not so scared of it, however, glitter does get everywhere after you apply glitter, which I guess is to be expected.

After getting ready our first stop for the morning was to go bowling, which was super fun and I will insert a couple of photos from right below this.

We played three games in total, I lost the first one by a little bit, the second game we both were really terrible at and that photo above is from the third game, which is the only one I won and probably the best I’ve ever done at bowling.


After we went bowling, we headed over to get my fiance a button up shirt for the wedding, he has just recently started getting what he’s going to wear together and so far we have a shirt, suit and shoes. I think the only two things left are suspenders and a tie, so nothing too serious I think. We then drove around the outlets for a few minutes, I looked around and didn’t really see anywhere that I just had to go, so we left the outlets.

Lunch was our next stop, we debated for a few minutes and ended up at Olive Garden, not my all-time favorite place but neither of us have had pasta in probably three weeks at least, so I think we were both itching to eat some pasta, hence how we ended up here. I left very full of pasta, salad, and breadsticks and I’m super happy about that.

20170914_124559The next stop was a complete surprise to me and something that I’ve always wanted to do, we went to a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop, I love ice cream, I love Ben & Jerry’s and I always wanted to go to an actual shop. That might be a little weird but I also don’t really care, I was excited and it was a really great expirence. I got salted caramel blondie in a waffle cone, the ice cream was fantastic and the waffle cone was so good. We were going to sit on the river and eat our ice cream but it started to rain, so instead we sat in the parking lot and watched a bridge opening from afar, which was kind of interesting to see.

After ice cream we headed home, popping into our work for just a few minutes so we could look at the floral arrangement our florist sent as a trial for the wedding centerpieces. A little too much yellow for us, but very pretty, as you will see in the photo below.

The next stop was just hanging out in our apartment, taking a trip up to the in-laws new house, then coming back to their current home where we opened gifts, had chick fil a and cheesecake.

So, overall a really good birthday, one of the best ones I’ve ever had I think. I had lots of fun, hung out with some of my favorite people and ate a ton of food, which to me equals a pretty damn good day. Plus I wasn’t at work and got to play with glitter, something I don’t do nearly enough.

What was your favorite birthday?


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Follow Me Around-24th Birthday
Follow Me Around-24th Birthday


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24th Birthday Haul!

24 birthday haul

It was my birthday recently, my birthday was this past Thursday, which was September the 14th. And because of that I’ve decided to share a little birthday haul with you guys, I will say that I did not end up photographing enough things, but I didn’t really want to dig through my dirty laundry and I’m also not the best at photographing clothes. Anyway, let’s just jump into a fun little birthday haul!

PSX_20170916_054524My fiance may have gone a little book crazy this birthday, not that I mind because I love reading and I don’t think you can ever have enough graphic novels. He got me the Gravity Falls Coloring Book, In Real Life, This One Summer, Anya’s Ghost, Rat Queens Vol. 1, Paper Girls, The Wicked + The Divine Vol.1, and then my sister sent me The Art of Tangled. So, it looks like I have some reading to do! Now, to talk about a couple of things that I didn’t photograph. This birthday I got a lot of boots, which is pretty standard for me, I love boots and my birthday is right around the time boot weather starts. My parents sent me these cool chunky black booties, which I may or may not return because I asked for them but they may be a little out of my comfort zone. I also got a pair of booties with some buckles, they are super cute and I’m excited to wear those. My fiance also got me a pair of winter boots, I am from Florida, have never had to have a pair of winter boots so I’ve been making due this past year, which luckily it doesn’t snow too much here so I haven’t had to worry about it too much yet, but now I have a pair of winter boots.

PSX_20170916_054755Just a  little bit more reading material, the newest Zodiac Starforce Comic, I have the first four and I’m so excited that they’re going to release more because I love me some magical girls! I also got a couple ILNP polishes in the shades Mega and Juliette, I am super excited about these and probably going to paint my nails one of these soon, I’m very jazzed about sparkly nail polish. I also got another Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in the shade Kitten Karma, I love these so much and they are also so sparkly, so excited to play with this one! My family sent my a cape! it was the cape that was recently featured in my 24th Birthday Wishlist, it’s longer than I expected but I’m excited to have it and try it out.  My sister also sent me the hair waver thing, I have already used that once and quite like it, it’s pretty interesting and isn’t that out there in terms of what it does to my hair, so I’m happy with that.


I got this super adorable Mabel funko pop from Gravity Falls, I also got a little Sailor Venus figure, both of these things are now sitting on my bookshelf. My sister sent me a couple of cool tee’s, one of which is a Sailor Moon Crystal tee and the other is a little mermaid one, they are both super soft. I picked up a few things from Old Navy, but not sure those really count as gifts seeing as I bought them myself, haha. I got the dark green dress that I think will look great for the fall time. I also got the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream, which I am very jazzed about as I had a sample of this product and loved it. My fiance also gave me that purse from my birthday wishlist, which I had never seen in person and might be a little bit too small for me to carry around. He bought me some Happy Hippos as well, which are super tasty. And the last thing, which I was not expecting or even really thinking about, is a Nutribullet, which I am really excited about.

And that’s pretty much everything I think if I’m missing anything then I’ll share it later or I won’t share it, depends on what it is I guess. I also have a birthday gift from my best friend coming, but that is something that I decided not to wait for because I had my schedule all planned out. I’m super lucky to be surrounded by such great people and I had a really fantastic birthday! I’m super grateful to have such great people in my life. Also, when I say, my fiance, I also mean his parents, they kind of went in together on my gifts, I just forgot to mention them because I don’t really know what’s from who.


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24th Birthday Haul


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Healthy Update: September 2017!

Health Update-September 2017

I am doing seasonal healthy updates this year, last year I post every month for a  while there and it just became a lot of the same time after time, so this year I didn’t want to do that. Which is how we got here, me updating you guys once every three months and really keeping track of my own progress. The last time I updated was in June, in case you were curious, and I think a fair amount has changed since the last update.

My workout routine has shifted once again, but I guess that’s to be expected to some degree. At this moment in time, I am working out six days a week and have been for the last three weeks. I run three days a week and workout at home the other three days, originally I ran on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, then on Thursday I worked on my arms, Saturday my middle basically and Monday my legs, however, I have changed Monday to more of a full body thing as I find I don’t really need to focus in on my legs that much with all the running that I have been doing. So, that is my current routine until further notice. And of course, I take days off from time to time because six days is a lot.

As for eating better, I have been working on that and over the past three weeks I have really buckled down and started eating better, it took me way too long to get to the food part but I’m doing better and that’s all that really matters. I’ve cut out most dessert, sometimes I’ll have it but not as often at all, I’ve also started bringing my lunch to work more and eating out a lot less. I’ve been working out and working out, while I’ve noticed changes physically I haven’t noticed any on the scale, but these past few weeks of eating better have made it so it shows on the scale some, which is really nice. I understand numbers don’t matter but it is nice to see some change in my weight.

Along with working out more and eating better I have inadvertently gotten on a really good sleep schedule, where I usually go to be between 9 and 10 and then wake up between 5:30 and 7, just depending on when I went to bed and such. This is a great new habit as getting a great nights sleep is really nice and has really energized me even more. So, at this point, I am basically bouncing off of the walls, except for when I get sleepy, then I just crash.

Another thing is that I have built up a lot of muscle I find, nothing impressive or crazy, but considering I started this journey at the beginning of the year with Jello arms and now I have arm muscles you can actually notice, I’m really happy with that.

So, overall I am really happy at this point in this check in and am excited to keep going and getting into better shape.


And I’ve decided to add a little progress picture, mostly because I can. The left photo was taken some time in March I believe and the right was taken this past Sunday, I can see a fair amount of change, and while I’m not quite where I want to be yet, I am super happy with the progress I am making. The legs especially.

Are you guys currently on a fitness journey as well? And if so, how is it going?


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September HealthyUpdate


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24th Birthday Wishlist!

Birthday Wishlist
If you didn’t know my birthday is coming up, I feel a little bit childish being excited about my birthday, but damn it I am excited. I will be turning 24 this year, which you may have been able to tell by the title, and I have a few posts planned, not too many as I didn’t want to be obnoxious plus I couldn’t really come up with more than the three that I had, so there’s that. Anyway, my birthday is next Thursday, September the 14th, so today I’m going to share a little wishlist, let’s just get right on into it!