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Review: Lipstick Queen Frog Prince + Hello Sailor

Lipstick Queen Duo Review

I feel like I’ve been doing a fair amount of reviews and I think that’s a good thing, I have tons of things to review and tons of things that I could still decide to review, but either way today I have a review ready for you guys and I’m actually reviewing two products, they came in a little set together and I didn’t want to split them up. So, let’s get into this review.

20170420_155333.jpgI don’t think I can express how excited I was to see this set, I had the full intention to pick up the shade Hello Sailor but then this set came out and it was only ten more dollars than the one, so I decided to finally bite the bullet and pick this set up. This set is for sale on the Ulta website, here, and it’s currently $35.00 for both of these lipsticks, which does seem a little bit steep but I love the idea of these and am super glad that I picked these up.

Let me talk a little bit about these, these lipsticks are a little bit strange, Hello Sailor is a blue lipstick and Frog Prince is a green lipstick, which at this point in time isn’t that strange, those are colors that are becoming more normal to see, but these are not actually those colors. These are some of those really cool color changing lipsticks, which I am sure is really simple to figure out but I love the idea of because they are really cool. My fiance thinks I’m weird but I like the idea of looking like I’m applying blue lipstick and really it’s a super wearable shade.


I’m going to start out with the one that I used the most and that is the Hello Sailor lipstick, which is the blue one as you can probably tell. This is something that I really wanted and is actually something that I find myself reaching for a fair amount, which is something that I am happy about.

Anyway, this is a blue lipstick that once applied to the lips, starts to change and adjusts to the perfect sheer plum kind of shade, it’s really cool and it always looks so good. I think that is another reason why I like this kind of ‘color changing’ lipsticks, they are just really easy to apply and so effortless, at least in my experience that’s how these are.

This changes on the lips fairly quickly, I did not time it which I am kind of regretting now but it’s too late, well, kind of. This does change quickly and is just a really great, sheer shade on the lips.

20170420_155422.jpgI know, I didn’t talk about the feeling on the lips and really the texture of these lipsticks at all yet, but I’m going to talk about them both in the next little bit as they have the same kind of formula to them, just different colors.

So, onto Frog Prince, which is the green one if you couldn’t tell, and if it wasn’t obvious with the name of this one.  This one looks green but when it’s applied to the lips it adjust to your perfect sheer hot pink shade. While I think this one is still sheer and easy to just swipe on, I do find that this one has a bit more pigment to it then the previous.

So now, I think it is time to start talking about the formula and wear of these two lipsticks. Since they are sheer I think it should be pretty obvious that these lipsticks are very moisturizing, which is a big plus to me, while I love liquid lipsticks sometimes it’s nice to have something that doesn’t dry out the lips but instead is very moisturizing.

20170420_155455.jpgBecause these are sheer I am sure you are thinking that these won’t have a lot of lasting power, and if I’m being completely honest, you’d be completely right. This lipstick doesn’t have a lot of lasting power to it and I do find myself having to reapply a lot actually, but I’m alright with that since these two lipsticks are super moisturizing. Plus, these colors are always really pretty and really effortless, so I’m not really bothered by this,

I think the last thing that I really need to address is scent, which I just sniffed both of these because I really couldn’t remember if these had much scent to them, they do not, they are basically fragrance-free.

So, if you’re looking for a really fun yet natural, really moisturizing lipstick then this is something that you might want to check out. I will say this though, as much as I enjoy these and as fun as I think they are, I really wouldn’t consider this something that someone needs. It is a really great product and if you’re looking for something fun, this is fun but it’s not earth shattering.

What do you guys think about color changing lipstick?

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Review: The Ordinary Serum Foundation


It’s time to share another review with you guys, and today I will be reviewing The Ordinary Serum Foundation in 1.0N, which took me a little while to get my hands on it. This is a product that has been hugely talked about all over social media and everyone seems to want it, so of course, I jumped on it and ordered it, that just meant waiting a little while for it to actually show up. I’ve had it for probably a month now and have been testing it out for this review, so I guess now it’s time to jump right on into this.

20170521_105712.jpgAs usual, I am going to start by talking about the appearance of this product, which you can see to the left of this text. I want to talk about the box for just a moment, I don’t have a photo but that is alright because you really aren’t missing that much. The box this came in was really simple and straightforward, it was a black box and looked exactly like what you would think it would look like.

Now, onto the bottle itself, which I saw and knew was going to be very minimal and nothing exciting, which is completely fine but I wasn’t expecting the bottle to be made out of plastic. I was expecting this to be glass but it turns out that it’s not, which isn’t a big deal to me but it’s something that was surprising.

Overall I am okay with this bottle, it gets a little messy around the pump but it’s not that bad.

20170521_105736.jpgNow onto the formula of this one, I’m going to start out by talking about the obvious here. This is a runny texture, which I guess should be obvious since it is called a serum foundation, but it is very runny. It’s not hard to work with but it isn’t the easiest either, I feel like I use a lot of the product because of the consistency.

20170521_105809.jpgI was concerned about the color match of this, but this does actually match my skin fairly well and is light enough.

As for how well this wears, I think it does pretty well. it lasts for a fair amount of time on the skin without wearing off and it looks pretty good. It doesn’t really have a matte finish, it’s probably closer to dewy, I’d say somewhere between a natural finish and a dewy finish, which I think is great for the summer time.

This foundation is really lightweight, I barely notice it on my skin once it has set, as it dries down I do notice it a little bit but like I said, once it sets it’s barely even noticeable. But, because of that I feel like it also is a very light coverage foundation, medium at best, which is perfectly fine with me but if you’re looking for something with a lot of coverage then I would skip over this one. This seems like a really great summer kind of foundation.

Overall, I like this foundation, it’s really affordable and it’s a nice foundation, but if I’m being honest I really don’t think this is worth waiting weeks to get your hands on and I really don’t think it’s worth the hype. It’s not a bad foundation but I just don’t find that it’s a very extraordinary foundation either.

Have you tried this foundation? If so, what did you think of it?

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Review: Rainforest Of The Sea Foundation!

Review- Tarte Rainforest of the Sea


20170521_170245.jpgIt is time for another review, and this week I have the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation up for review. I believe you can only get this on the Tarte website and at Sephora, at least those are the only places that I’ve been able to find this foundation at. You get 1 full ounce of product and it will cost you $39.00, a little bit pricey for a foundation but I really wanted to try this out as everyone seems to love it, so I picked up a little while ago and have been trying it out since.

I am going to start out by talking about the packaging a little bit, starting with the box and then getting into the bottle of the foundation itself, which will be in the next photo. The box itself is really quite pretty, it’s some of the nicer packagings that I’ve seen and I really think it fits with the product name and everything. I like that it’s a matte box, it’s a slight ombre from blue to purple and that gold writing on it is just a nice touch, overall I quite enjoy the outside of it.

20170521_170348.jpgNow, onto the foundation bottle itself, which I also like the look of, I think it looks very nice and clean. Once again, I like the gold writing on the bottle, I really enjoy the mix of fonts that they chose, and I really like the ombre on the top of it, it looks very nice overall.

Now, while I visually like the appearance of this foundation, I do want to chat about the functional side of this product because I do have some issues with it, not enough to return it or never use it again but enough for me to mention and not be the biggest fan of. This has an eyedropper instead of a pump or something like that, which is a terrible choice for application and I don’t know why any brand would choose that when pumps exist. I don’t think this is impossible to use, it’s just difficult and would be a much smoother application if I could just pump it out, however, I like this foundation enough to suck it up and keep using, even if the eyedropper is kind of stupid.


Now, onto talking about the foundation itself, the actual product inside of the bottle, the reason why we are all here reading this review. I really love this foundation! I think this is a fantastic summer foundation, it’s really sheer and doesn’t have a ton of coverage, but I do find that it can be built up a little bit and have a smidge more coverage, but at it’s best it’s still medium coverage. Which for me is the perfect kind of coverage for the summer time, it also feels really weightless and like there isn’t anything on your skin, which is another great thing for when it’s warmer out.

I find that this foundation lasts pretty well throughout the day, I wore it all while I was in Florida and it lasted, so I think it’ll hold up pretty well just about anywhere. And it has SPF! Not a ton or enough if you ask me, but it does have SPF 15, which is a nice little bonus.

I think this foundation comes in a fair amount of shades, so I think it would be fairly easy to find a match for just about anyone. Overall, I really like the foundation and would completely suggest it to anyone who is looking for a really lightweight, sheer coverage foundation for the summer, then this may be the one for you as it is a great foundation for this time of year.


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Review: Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick

Nars Dolce Vita Reivew1

It is time for me to review a product that I got a little over a month ago but is something that I have been lusting after forever, which is the Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita. Apparently, I am slowly starting to collect all things, Dolce Vita, which I am completely alright with seeing as this is a gorgeous shade. I recently posted a review of the blush in Dolce Vita, which is also gorgeous. I just love this shade!

 20170426_142251.jpgThe Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita is available at a few different places now, Sephora, Ulta and the Nars website to name just a few of the places you can pick this product up, it is 0.12 oz of product and retails for $28.00. This is a little bit steep for a lipstick and is on of the most expensive lipsticks that I’ve ever purchase, but I am very happy with the purchase and do not regret anything about picking up this lipstick.

I guess I will start with the packaging, the packaging is very classic Nars packaging, it’s very simple and clean lined which is something that I like. It’s just a matte black square lipstick tube, with the white Nars logo on it, very simple and very straightforward, I quite like it. The only thing that I may have a complaint about is that they get dirty very easily because of the dark color and the matte textures, which also isn’t the best feeling in the hand but I don’t mind that as much.


There’s nothing quite as nice as a smooth, brand new and untouched lipstick tube, too bad I’ve already used this and ruined that perfect look. Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about the scent of this one because I really like it. I do not find the scent of this to be overwhelming at all, it’s very subtle but it is something that I notice, no typically on the lips but more when it’s in the tub.e

Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about the scent of this one because I really like it. I do not find the scent of this to be overwhelming at all, it’s very subtle but it is something that I notice, no typically on the lips but more when it’s in the tube. This smells exactly like the Lush Don’t Look at Me Fresh Face Mask to me, it has that slightly lemon grass and citrus kind of scent to it and that is something that I love as I am a big fan of citrus scents. I know that is very strange that it reminds me of that but it was the first thing that I could think and now it is the only thing that I think of when I smell this.


The color of this is stunning, it’s a really pretty my lips but better kind of shade for me personally, it’s a really soft rosy kind of shade. I love the finish of this as well, it’s a really sheer finish and glossy, it just looks really nice and natural, like a soft rose tint to the lips. This is not a lipstick for you if you are looking for a lot of color pay off, but if you want a nice sheer wash of color this is perfect.

The wear of this is surprisingly good, especially considering it’s a sheer finish, I find that it lasts on the lips pretty well. I do have to reapply but I think that is to be expected, there are very few lip colors that don’t need to be reapplied especially sheer glossy ones.

But, overall I really like this lipstick and am super glad that I picked this up, I could for sure see myself picking up another lipstick from this line because it’s really nice, even if it is a bit pricey for a lipstick. It smells really good, it looks really nice, feels great on the lips and I find that it lasts pretty well.

What are your favorite Nars products?



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Battle: Urban Decay vs. Nyx Blush Edition

Battle- Urban DecayVs. Nyx

It is the time of the month where I bring out a dupe post, this month’s battle post is between the Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in the shade Rapture and the Nyx Ombre Blush in the shade Mauve Me. The Urban Decay one is $26.00 and the Nyx is $ 9.99, which is a difference if $16.99, so that is a fair chunk of change if they are dupes, that is. These two are ones that I haven’t seen posts about being dupes before, but I was looking through my stash and realized these two looked a lot alike so I decided to put them up against one another and see how it went, so let’s get into comparing and see if these two really are dupes of each other.

20170528_152559Of course, these guys are not dupes in terms of packaging, but I think that is to be expected, dupes don’t always have the same packaging. I like both of these fine, neither are my favorites but I don’t have a hatred of either, I’m just kind of neutral packaging wise here. None of this really matters but I did want to start out which this because that is what I do.

20170528_152613The powder itself is where the similarities start, these don’t look exactly the same in the pan, and not just because the Nyx one is ombre, but the color looks in the same vein but different shades of the same color, which is why I thought these two might be dupes. I think that the Urban Decay one looks quite a bit darker in the pan than the Nyx one, the darkest part of the Nyx one looks lighter but both are really pretty mauve toned blushes.

20170528_152647Now, when you swatch them side by side you can still see a bit of a difference when they aren’t blended out, the Urban Decay one is darker and more pigmented, whereas the Nyx one is a little bit more sheer and lighter, however, I do think when you blend the two out they look virtually the same. If anything, the Urban Decay on is still a little bit more pigmented and that is something that you can see when it’s blended out as well

Now, let’s talk a bit about the texture and lasting power of these two, I think they are both very soft powders and that the Urban Decay one actually kicks up a little bit more powder, which doesn’t bother me one bit but if that is something that bothers you then I would avoid that one. I think the lasting power on both of these blushes is really quite fantastic, they go on nicely, give a nice flush to the cheeks and they last for a good 8 hours without really fading much, they are really neck and neck when it comes to the formula of the powders I think.

So, overall I think these two are close enough that I might as well call them dupes, there are a couple of minor difference in pigmentation but once blended out I think they look the same and that’s really all that matters in terms of blush. So personally, I don’t really see the need in owning both, I own both but I think you could easily pick up one and be completely fine without the other.

Do you guys think these are dupes?


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Review: Benefit Galifornia Blush

Benefit GaliforniaReview1

I am super excited for this product because I think this is going to be a fantastic product for summer time because everything about it seems very summery to me, so instead of rambling on let me just jump in directly into this review.


I want to start this out by talking about the packaging, mostly because I think that is the most obvious thing to start with, as you can see it’s very cute! I love the packaging, it is the cutest boxed blush that I have seen from Benefit and really one of the cutest blushes that I’ve ever seen.



And then once you open the inside it is still very cute, it has a sun printed on it and a gold on the top, which is just an overlay as I’ve only used this blush a couple of times and that gold is already gone, so it is just an overlay. I’m not sure how I feel about that, I don’t like having that extra shimmer that much but I also don’t like that it starts out one way but after a few uses it changes, but either way it is what it is and I don’t know that I can do much about that.

I feel like the next thing I should talk about is the color, but instead, I’m going to take a little bit of a detour and talk about the scent of this product, yes, the scent. This product has a scent to it, which I think is the new craze because so many products have scents now, I’m not entirely sure what some of them add to the product other than just smelling better which seems a bit weird to me. I don’t mind the scent of this one, but I just wanted to bring this up in case you have sensitive skin or a really sensitive sniffer. This has a soft coconut kind of scent to it, it smells fairly natural and it’s not over the top at all, it’s a lot more subtle than other scented products that I’ve smelled and because I apply this to my cheeks, I can’t really smell it at all and it personally doesn’t irritate my skin, but in case you are sensitive beware of that.


Now we will get on to talking about the color, which you can see for yourself to the left or above but I’m still going to describe it a bit.

 This color is right up my alley and a very summery type of shade I think, which is probably kind of the point of this blush. This is a really pretty peachy coral kind of shade and this swatch is not the best, but as you may have assumed this has a faint shimmer to it, a faint gold shimmer and I think it’s very flattering and not over the top, it’s just a subtle shimmer and it give a little bit of glow to the cheek.

Now, let’s talk about the wear of this, I love the wear of this. I think this applies like a dream, it isn’t that powdery particularly and it blends out nicely, it’s also not crazy pigmented so it looks natural but I do find that it can be built up to be bolder if that’s something that you are looking for. I also think the wear of this is impressive, I don’t think it’s gonna last you 18 hours of perfect wear or anything like that, but I do find that it lasts probably 6 to 8 hours while still looking fresh and from there on it does start to fade some but I don’t expect huge things out of most products when it comes to wearing them for hours and hours.

Overall, I really love this blush and I really need to wear this more, which I’m sure I will over the next few months because like I have said too many times already, this product seems like the perfect blush for the summer months and that is something that I for sure will have to test this out some more and wear it more.

What is your favorite summer blush?


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First Impression Tutorial

First ImpressionTutorial

As you may Already be aware, I did some serious hauls in the past month and a half, so because of that I decided to do something fun and something I’ve seen all over youtube and that is a first impression look, a complete look using new products. Well, I don’t think they always do full faces using new makeup but I am going to because like I said, I’ve done some shopping and have all kinds of new things. I’m going to list every item I used in this look and talk a little bit about each item, so let’s do it!

Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer $23.00 for 0.53 oz. This is the only thing in this look that isn’t brand new to me, I have just recently started using this but I’ve had it for months, I was just waiting to finish my Too Faced one before I started in on this. I like this one, I don’t know if I like this more than the Too Faced Shadow Insurance but I do like it and can completely see myself using this until the end.

Nyx Perfect Filter Eyeshadow in Rustic Antique $20.00. I was so excited to get my hands on a couple of these because this looks like a really nice, large and inexpensive palette, so I had to try it out. As a whole I really like this palette, there are a couple of shades in here that aren’t exactly the best but overall this is a really nice palette that has a mix of shimmers and mattes, I could see myself being able to make so many different warm toned looks out of this palette.

Rimmel Waterproof Eye Liner in Noir $6.99 for 0.01 oz. I’ve been using the nude one from this line forever and never thought to pick up the black one, I think I’m glad that I did pick this up. The old eyeliner I was using was so black but by the end of the day it would move all over, my nude one always lasts and so far so has this one.

Nyx Matte Liquid Liner in Black $6.99 for 0.01 oz. I don’t like the applicator itself on this product, the product is really great, it’s very dark and very matte but I don’t think the brush makes for an easy application. I ended up trying this again later and used it with a brush that I already had and that seemed to make it a million time better.

Stila Huge Mascara $23.00 0.44 oz. This is a little bit of cheating because I have had a sample of this before, but this is the first time I’ve owned the full size. I really like this, I do find that it can be prone to clumping a little bit but it is very dark, very lengthening and I still like it.

Anastasia Brow Whiz in Taupe $21.00 for 0.003 oz. I wanted to try this because everyone seems to love this product and it was on sale, so I figured why not give it a shot. I like this, I’m not sure if it’s life changing for me personally but I do like it.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick $36.00 for 1 oz. I feel like this is something that is fairly hyped up and I was excited to give this a try, I’ve got two sample sizes of this so hopefully, this is something that I like. Thus far I like it but I’m not sure that this makes the much of a difference for my personally, I’ll have to try it out a bit more to really decide on it.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation in Porcelain $39.00 for 1 oz. I am in love! I understand completely why this product is talked about so much, I loved using this. The only complaint that I might have about this is the applicator, I do find the dropper a little bit hard to use, not impossible but just a little bit of a pain.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair $25.00 for 0.33 oz. Another Tarte product that I love and understand completely why this is so hyped up, this product is just fantastic! This is for sure a really full coverage concealer but I still find it to be fairly easy to blend out, it does take a tiny bit of effort but I think it’s completely worth it. I really love this.

Nyx Blotting Powder in Light $11.99 for 0.42 oz. I wanted to try a new face powder so I picked this one up, I’m not super favorable of paying a lot for setting powders so that is why I decided on this one. I like this so far, it’s nothing super special but it’s not bad either, we’ll have to wait and see how I feel about this after a few uses.

Benefit Galifornia Blush $29.00 for 0.17 oz. I had to get my hands on this, I don’t own any other Benefit box blushes but when I saw this I knew that I needed it. I’m really glad that I picked this up, it’s very pretty, I like the smell and I really like the application. I am really excited to use this again.

Benefit High Beam Highlighter $12.00 for 0.33 oz. This is something that I have been looking at and wanting to try for a while and I finally got this. I never wanted to buy the full size just because I wasn’t sure about it and I recently committed to a mini set and I’m so glad that I did. I am in love with this! It’s so easy to apply, it’s a really bright highlight and it’s just something that I really love already!

Mac Fix + Coconut $24.00 for 3.4 oz. I don’t think you can get this anymore and that makes me sad because I love the scent of this, I’m fairly sure that is the only difference between this one and the regular line one, so that’s a good thing. So far I really like this!

Nyx Liquid Suede in Sandstorm $6.99 for 0.13 oz. I love the liquid suede formula, even though I only have one other one but I love it! I’m not counting this one as cheating because it’s a completely different shade and I really like this one too, it’s a really pretty deeper nude kind of shade that I think is really flattering and I really think the formula of this one is very comfortable.

And that is what I think about some of my recent purchases, if you liked this you should tell me and maybe I’ll do this again sometimes because I am always picking up new products, I love makeup and I kind of hoard a little bit.

Have you guys made any new purchases recently that you’re obessed with?


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Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes

Tarte Amazonian ClayBlush Review

I was going to do separate reviews for these blushes, but since they are from the same line and everything, I’ve decided to lump them together in one just cause I thought it would be more effective. So, today we will be talking about the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes in the Shades Blushing Bridge and Captivating, which I hauled during the 21 days of beauty. These are regularly $29 but I got them half off, it was a really good deal and these are the first that I’ve ever owned, but I really had to limit myself to only getting two otherwise I would have bought way more and I’m now kind of regretting not picking up a couple more. But enough of that, let’s jump on into to the review of these two blushes.

The boxes that these come in are very simple, which is very much how I expect most Tarte products to be, very simple and clean looking. The boxes are the signature Tarte purple and I quite enjoy this, it makes me a lot less likely to want to cling to packaging that I really don’t need. Does anyone else have that problem?

When you open the box this is the compact itself that houses the blush, it’s also very simple and I kind of like that, once again it feels very much like the brand Tarte, not a lot of frills but still kind of pretty. The outside shade reflects the shade of the blush, which I very much like because it makes it super easy to spot which color you are looking for and even decide on what color you want to wear, good idea Tarte.

Let’s talk about the inside for a moment, this blush doesn’t have super bulky packaging as it looks like it’s almost all blush, which is also something that I really quite enjoy. I just don’t like bulky packaging and really love a brand that doesn’t use it, most of the Tarte product that I own are very streamline and I like that consistency. Now, I’m gonna talk a little about each one on their own.

We’re going to start out with the one that I see myself using a whole lot more over the summer time and that is the one in the shade Captivating, this is a matte orangey peachy color. This just kind of screams summer to me and it’s basically summer.

This is a nice blush, this isn’t overly pigmented but it’s also not underly pigmented, it’s kind of just right for a really natural flush over color on the cheeks, it just makes it super easy. That is something that I really appreciate, sometimes it’s just really nice to use something that is really natural looking and something that is just super easy to work with. Really, all the time it’s nice to work with something that is super easy to use but I’m not always looking for a super natural flush.

These swatch a bit terribly but they apply like a dream, this one also has so much lasting power, it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would and that is a good thing. The texture of this isn’t as soft as I thought it would be but at the same time, it’s not really powdery either because of that, while still being easy to use.

So, overall I really like this shade and really see myself using this often during the next few months. Now, onto the other shade.

20170416_091049.jpgThis is the shade Blushing Bride and this really reminds me more of a fall kind of color, so I see myself using this a little more in the fall time but at the same time, this is neutral enough to be able to use anytime. Or, if you’re like me it doesn’t really matter however I just think this is more of an autumnal shade.

I think this is similar to the last one, as one would probably assume, so this one also doesn’t swatch the best, it’s not super pigmented but it’s not underwhelming in the least either, it’s just a really middle of the road kind of natural flush on the cheek. So, it’s just really easy to work with and I never really feel like I’m going to overdue it with this one, which is such a nice thing because sometimes overly pigmented things are just a little bit difficult to work with.

This is a mauvey rose kind of color, it’s very pretty and something that I’m loving, this is a color I kind of just naturally go towards, I think both of these shades are. This isn’t really soft in terms of texture either but it’s also not powdery, so that is nice, a little bit different for a blush though.

Overall I like this one, it’s a really nice flush that’s fairly neutral but would look amazing in the fall time with a warm eye look or even something a bit more calm.

I think these blushes are really amazing as a whole, they have really impressive lasting power and they have a really wide variety of shades, which is also something else that is really nice. The packaging is simple and straightforward and overall I just think these blushes are really nice and completely worth picking up, I may even have to pick up a couple more sometime in the future.

Have you guys tried these blushes?


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Review: Stila Huge Mascara

Stila Huge MascaraReview

It’s that time again, time to finally start reviewing some of the many products that I have for review, especially after the recent Ulta, Sephora and 21 Days of Beauty hauls. I’ve had such an increase of products which means so many products to review, probably so many that I can get through the end of the year without ever buying anything else. Alright, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but not by much, I’m not sure how I’m ever going to get through all of the things but then again I never am. I have so many ideas that I wish I could blog 7 days a week but I know that I couldn’t keep that up. Enough of my rambling on and on about things, let’s get into the post for today, which is a review of the Stila Huge Mascara.

20170415_170822.jpgThe Stila Huge Mascara retails for $23.00 and can be found at a few different places, but I picked mine up at Ulta during a sale and am so excited to have this mascara in my possession. I had a sample of this and that was probably the only reason why I felt the need to pick this up, I had the sample and I love the sample but at the same time, me being me, I didn’t want to pay 23 dollars for a mascara. Make that mascara half off and I will jump on it, which is why I have this mascara and am reviewing it for you today.

20170415_171000.jpgThe packaging for this is pretty bland as you can probably see, but it looks like the typical Stila packaging, which is not to say that I don’t like the packaging it’s just nothing particularly exciting.

The mascara wand is a little bit interesting looking, just a tiny bit and really reminds me of the wand from the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, which I hate so I guess sometimes the mascara isn’t all about the wand.

20170415_171051.jpgI don’t think you can see exactly how much they look alike but I really think they look almost identical.

Anyway, now onto the formula of this, I really love the formula because it’s not an overly wet formula but it isn’t too dry either, it’s the perfect spot right in the middle where I like it.

I really love this mascara because of how it looks on the lashes, of course, it really volumizes and lengths my eyelashes while not clumping up. It doesn’t separate amazingly but it doesn’t really clump up a lot either, it doesn’t ever give me spider lashes which for me is a huge plus because I’m not into clumpy lashes myself.

This comes in one color, as far as I am aware, and that is black which is fine by me because I really like black mascaras.

Overall, I really like this mascara and would completely recommend this mascara to anyone who is looking for a slightly more expensive mascara that is really lengthening and volumizing, then this one might be for you.


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Review: Too Faced Love Flush Blush

Too Faced LoveFlush BlushReview

I’m sure anyone who knows me somewhat well, or has read a few posts here on the blog, knows that I adore my Love Flush Blush in Baby Love, somehow I haven’t reviewed it on the blog but it’s something I love so much that I’ve included it in two yearly favorites, 2016 and 2015. Even though that one is well loved I may have to whip it out and review it too.

20170325_175044.jpgThat is not what today’s post it about, today’s post is about the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in How Deep Is Your Love? and that is what I will be reviewing for you guys today. This little guy will run you $26 for 0.21oz which I believe comes out to $123.81 per oz. Which is a ton of product and would last you a long, long time if you were to get an ounce of product. Anyway, I don’t think this is the most expensive blush but it is for sure in that mid range price range. However, I picked mine up during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale which meant it was half off, I’m still kind of kicking myself for not picking more up because, spoiler, I love the formula of these. I’m sure that was already probably clear by the first little bit of this post, me rambling about baby love, then again this is a different color so the formula could be different and something that I don’t find enjoyable, but it’s not. Anyway, let’s jump into reviewing this blush.

20170325_175107_001.jpgI want to start this out by talking about the packaging, you will see more of it in photos to come because this entire thing is the cutest and I couldn’t leave anything out because of how cute the packaging is as a whole. Seriously, from the box to the compact to the blush itself is just cute. This may be the best packaging that I own and possibly have ever seen, it’s just so cute. I may be overusing the word cute but this just makes me do that, it’s Too Faced’s fault.

As you can see, there is a lot of detail in the box and it’s all very appealing to look at if you ask me, but that’s probably enough since you guys can see for yourself. I will say, I was really tempted to keep this box but I stopped that hoarder inside of me from doing that.

Once you open the box and slip the product out, it’s the really cute and simple heart compact that matches the color of the blush, I’ll post a picture below so you can see.

20170325_175134.jpgIt’s very simple but reminds me of a magical girl, which makes me really happy because I love magical girls. I also love the packaging is slim and simple, it makes it easier to store and easier to travel with, not that I travel a whole lot anymore.

Anyway, once you open the product and look inside there is the blush itself, all of the beautiful powder and of course, that is also adorable,  I’ll share a photo after this one so you can see for yourself. It has bunnies and a design imprinted on it.

Now, to finally talk about the product itself, this blush probably has one of my favorite formulas that I have tried so far. It’s pretty pigmented, but I find that it is very easy to blend out for a softer and more diffused look but also really easy to build up for a brighter more bold kind of look. I love that this is so versatile.

20170325_175200.jpgThe powder itself is also very nice, it’s very soft and feels fairly finely milled, but I don’t find that I have a lot of kickback either, it’s a very nice texture for a powder to be.

The other thing about this is that it has really good staying powder, I find that this blush looks really nice throughout the day. It just wears really well.

Overall, I really love these blushes and think they are great quality, I would for sure recommend these to anyone who is looking for a really nice blush or wanting to treat themselves just a little bit, you won’t regret it. I really should have picked up more of these but it’s too late now.


I had this photo and just wanted to make sure to share it because swatches are important to a review, I think. I wanted to make sure that you guys could see it a bit sheered out and at it’s full potency. It really isn’t the most pigmented thing ever but it does make it very easy to use and go in either direction, like I mentioned above.

So, what do you guys think of the Love Flush Blushes if you have any?


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